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Kerry FATona??


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Kerry Katona piles on 10lbs in just three weeks after curry and junk food binge



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:15 PM on 25th November 2009



With her finances and career in tatters, Kerry Katona has turned to a familiar source for comfort - food.

The troubled reality star was spotted looking bloated and decidedly out of shape as she collected her daughters from school near her home in Warrington, Cheshire.

Her face appeared puffy and the button on her jacket seemed to be under strain.


The 29-year-old has resumed binge eating on junk food and calorie-laden curries in recent weeks, according to sources, which has resulted in rapid weight gain.


article-0-075B6E98000005DC-993_468x731.jpg Bloated: Kerry Katona looked out of shape as she collected her children from school near her home in Warrington, Cheshire


Just last year, the yo-yo dieter spent £15,000 on a body overhaul - including liposuction - and managed to drop to eight stone.


But it seems old habits die hard, and she has again resorted to overeating.


'Since the summer, she had managed to keep her weight down by steering clear of too much junk food and takeaways,' a source told Closer magazine.







'But in the past month, she has been back on the curries and is spending most of her time in her room.

'She been feeling low, due to a combination of being worried about money and not having work.






Back to her old ways: The troubled star earlier this month (left) and looking

lean in October



Kerry, who is married to Mark Croft, is said to now weigh in at nearly 10 stone and is back in her size 12 clothes.

Fitness trainer Nicki Waterman told the magazine: 'She's easily gained 10lbs in the three weeks between when these pictures were taken [in October and November].


'She looks full of fluid from all the salt and sugar that's in her food. She needs a good clean diet with lots of fruit, veg and water.'

Kerry, who has four children Molly, 8, Lilly-Sue, 7, Heidi, 2, and Max, 1, is said to be desperate for work after losing her Iceland contract.

The source added: 'She wants to get another deal with them and is hoping they will soon see the value of her featuring in their ads'.

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