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Camilla condemns Beyoncé's 'terrifying' gangster rap videos for glorifying sex and violence


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Camilla condemns Beyoncé's 'terrifying' gangster rap videos for glorifying sex and violence



By Rebecca English

Last updated at 11:42 AM on 27th November 2009



article-1231277-075E96DB000005DC-376_233x407.jpg Concerned Camilla: The Duchess of Cornwall listens to the story of a client at the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre in London last night


The Duchess of Cornwall yesterday spoke for the first time about the way youngsters are sexualised by explicit rap videos.

Camilla was taking part in a discussion with victims of sexual violence during a visit to a rape crisis centre when the topic turned to how music videos affect teenagers today.

She told an audience of women that children thought they could get away with things because teachers failed to punish them.

Referring to the images children are exposed to, the Duchess said: 'A lot of those videos are terrifying.

'I am sure they trigger a response in some of the young people. I can never understand how they can get away with making those things.'

The Duchess has until now avoided speaking in public on social issues.

Her stance has been in marked contrast to Charles' first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, who was renowned for the way in which she tackled controversial issues.

Yesterday the Duchess made clear her concern that youngsters are already becoming immune to such images of sex and violence.

She said schools needed to become involved in teaching both male and female schoolchildren 'the value of respect for each other'.

During the discussions, the subject turned to a controversial video by pop singer Beyonce, who is particularly popular with young girls.


article-0-075CB6C5000005DC-32_468x217.jpg Poor example: The Duchess of Cornwall says music videos like Beyonce's Video Phone, which see the singer wearing a series of revealing outfits, are too explicit


In the promotion for the single Video Phone, which also features the outlandish singer Lady Gaga,

Beyonce provocatively dances in a series of increasingly skimpy outfits and holds a toy gun to the head of a bare-chested man who is hooded.







'It has happened too quickly, values have changed so much,' the Duchess said.

'I suppose it's peer pressure, that's the problem. You don't want to look the odd one out.


article-0-075CB54A000005DC-258_468x261.jpg The video features Beyonce and Lady GaGa posing with toy guns and posing in revealing white corsets posing with hooded men


'But it takes a strong person to show that they don't approve, especially at that age. It's a breakdownof discipline. There doesn't seem to be any punishment for such behaviour. The teachers are too kind.'


The Duchess was touring the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre in Croydon, South London.

She said she was 'incredibly moved' by what she saw and was 'astonished' that the centre was the only of its kind in London, despite one in four women experiencing sexual violence in their lifetime.

The centre, which opened in 1985, offers a range of services including counselling and advocacy for women and girls who have been raped or experienced another form of sexual violence including abuse, incest, forced marriage and so-called honour based crime.

It was her first visit to such a frontline establishment and she was clearly moved by the stories she heard from survivors.

One woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the Duchess how it had taken her almost 30 years to seek help after being raped at the age of just 17 by a knife-wielding gang. 'I felt it was my fault, that I had brought it on myself through my own naivety,' she said.

Another told her that she had been close to suicide after being raped by a stranger while walking home from work. 'I honestly don't believe I would be here today if it wasn't for the centre,' she said. 'The attack was my shameful secret that I couldn't talk about to anyone.'

The Duchess replied: 'It is so sad that you didn't feel that there was anyone you could talk to at the time. It makes me realise how badly we need more centres like this. It is an inspirational place - you are all inspirational women.'

The Duchess was particularly stunned to learn that despite an astonishing one in four women experiencing sexual violence during their lifetime, according to government figure, the RASAC is the only organisation of its kind in the capital.

Its helpline and counselling services currently help 4,000 desperate women a year whose ages range from just 14 to 79, but the centre is badly in need of further funding.

After her hour-long visit, the Duchess told the Daily Mail: 'I have been incredibly moved by what I have seen. I have never been to something like this before but as soon as they contacted me to ask whether I wanted to learn more about their work, I knew it was something I wanted to get involved with.

'I find it astonishing that it is the only one of it's kind in London. If you think of the number of women in London that might need help, we need more centres like this.

'We also need to find ways to get the centre's message out there. Almost all of the women I met told me how difficult it was to find out about support services on offer and how many of them found the RASASC by chance. That can't be right.'

Yvonne Traynor, the centre's chief executive, said; 'Next year is our 25th anniversary and just two years ago our funding was so dire that we were unsure whether we could actually carry on.

'I have been really impressed by the Duchess of Cornwall's enthusiasm and empathy for what we do. She seemed really keen to go out there and spread the word on our behalf.'

*The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre runs a national freephone helpline 365 days a year from 12pm to 2.30pm and 7pm to 9.30pm each day. Victims can call 0800 8029999.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1231277/Camilla-condemns-Beyonc-s-terrifying-gangster-rap-videos-glorifying-sex-violence.html#ixzz0Y9LPbXR9

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