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Must See Historic Videos: Why They Hate Me — Part II


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Must See Historic Videos: Why They Hate Me — Part II


"The evidence is irrefutable: Mexico passed dual citizenship because they saw California's Proposition 187 as a direct threat to their plan of conquest of California. They wanted millions of Mexicans to become U.S. citizens to 'vote in the interests of Mexico'" ~ Glenn Spencer


Written by Glenn Spencer — American Patrol Report

Sunday, 22 November 2009 05:38


Spencer Says the Reaction to Proposition 187 Opened His Eyes


I have been fighting illegal immigration for 18 years. At first I looked upon it as a pocketbook issue. That’s why I backed California Proposition 187.


Following the passage of 187 by an overwhelming vote, Art Torres said, “Proposition 187 was the last gasp of white America in California.” (This incredible utterance never reached the ears of the average Californian.) One year later Torres was made head of the California Democrat Party where he remained for twelve years.


GlenntwoairplanesIt was the reaction to that California initiative that taught me that there was something else afoot - The Conquest of Aztlan, or the conquest of the American Southwest by Mexico. By 2001 I had heard and seen enough and produced a video - “The Conquest of Aztlan.”


“Conquest” makes the case that illegal immigration is part of a plan of Mexico to retake the Southwest, which they believe was stolen from them. Thousands of these videos have been distributed throughout the U.S.


I stand by every word in “Conquest.” That is why the open borders crowd hates me - not because they think I am a racist - they know that isn’t true - - they just don’t want the American people to be alarmed about what they are doing to us. They pin the label racist, or hate group on me to keep the mainstream media from reporting on what I say or do — and they happily obey.


Please take the time to watch this 15-minute clip of an historic video. http://americanpatrol.com/WMV/091121-WTHM2.wmv You will be amazed at what you see and hear. The SEIU and Saul Alinsky are prominent in this segment.


Tomorrow I will expose the Los Angeles Times as a criminal organization.


Go to link below to see more videos other related links:



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Guest howyousawtheworld

Wha??! I thought we were getting something like a reenactment of something like Lincoln's Gettysburg Address or something, not this!

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