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"Fantastico!!" Gino D'Acampo crowned 'King of the Jungle'!!


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I'm A Celebrity: 'Fantastico... Now my boys are princes,' says Gino D'Acampo as he's crowned King of the Jungle



By Chris Johnson

Last updated at 1:24 AM on 05th December 2009




An emotional Gino D'Acampo was crowned King of the Jungle 2009 in the I'm A Celebrity final last night.


The Italian chef beat runner-up Kim Woodburn to take the title while snooker ace Jimmy White came in third place.

After joining hosts Ant and Dec, he was reunited with his 'little princes' - his two young sons Luciano and Rocco.


article-1233328-077AC236000005DC-756_468x664.jpg Gino D'Acampo was crowned King of the Jungle on I'm A Celebrity last night, seen here with his two sons Luciano (right), Rocco and wife Jessie



The 34-year-old was brought to tears as he hugged his two children before sitting them both on his knee.

Earlier Gino had told how he would love to make their dreams come true by winning.

Asked what winning would mean to him, Gino told Ant and Dec: 'The one thing it would mean for me is that my two little boys believe that [if I become king] they will automatically become princes. I would love to make their dream come true.'


article-1233328-077AB7EA000005DC-935_468x349.jpg The celebrity chef said he had made his sons' dreams come true by winning because they are now 'princes'


Shortly afterwards, he was announced as the winner as the rest of this year's celebrities assembled in base camp.

Kim reacted by shouting: 'Well done, well done, well done,' as Gino hollered, 'Now my boys are princes.'

In his interview, Gino said he had enjoyed 'every single day in camp' but said he missed having intimate time with his wife Jessie.

He said he decided to take part in the jungle so he could spend some time out from his hectic life.


article-1233328-077AABD1000005DC-121_468x286.jpg Kim Woodburn, who came second, hugs Gino as the news is announced that he is the winner of the show




Gino said: 'I'm the kind of guy who can't stay still. I wanted to go in and be away from my phone and laptop and relax a little. But of course I came here and did over 600 meals.'

The chef said he didn't expect things to be so tough. 'I thought if you said you were starving then maybe you'd get a baguette or a sandwich. But it really is beans and rice.'






Earlier Kim, 67, told how she was delighted to have come in second place, admitting she was surprised the viewers had 'kept the old bird in' for so long - before joking it was her ample bust that had done it for her.

Speaking of her arrival into camp, the How Clean Is Your House? star said: 'I thought, "Oh I can't do this". It was a pig sty. I had no duster or polish.


article-1233328-077AACA3000005DC-151_468x286.jpg The other celebrity contestants joined them in base camp for the result



'You do miss your creature comforts, because you are dropped into an absolute hell hole. The lavvies stink, the food is minimal... and we've got to take part in disgusting trials.'


'I think we've all done very well,' she added.


In his exit interview, Jimmy, 47, said he was surprised he had lasted the full 21 days, admitting he thought he would only make it through a few days after arriving.


article-1233328-077AAD0F000005DC-397_468x317.jpg Kim said she was delighted to be runner-up and was surprised the viewers had kept 'the old bird in' for so long





He said: 'When I arrived on that horse with one eye called Paddy, I was aching all over. I thought, "I'm not going to make this".

'But when I found a job doing the water and helping out, I really got into it. The great thing for me was the group and there was no one who didn't do something to help out.'

Speaking of his reason for entering camp, he cited losing weight as one of them.



Jimmy, Kim and Gino wait to see who would take third place




He said: 'I lost 22lb in there,' he said. But after a good feed-up last night following a successful run of bushtucker trials, he added: 'But I think I put a pound back on last night.'

Praising his fellow celebrity contestants, Jimmy gushed that he had never been around '12 such talented people' and pledged to stay in touch with them.

Before hearing where they ranked in the contest, the three celebrities were each put through their paces in a final bushtucker trial each.







Gino and Kim hug Jimmy as he is announced as third place



Kim was first up in trial called John T-Ravolting where she was faced with an army of gnawing green ants, hundreds of cockroaches, spiders and crayfish.

She was placed in a plastic case shaped in the form of John Travolta strutting his famous dance pose and managed to get all three stars as the critters were added to each part of the Perspex body over ten minutes.

Her effort saw her win herself and her fellow two campmates a starter each as she took part in the first leg of the trio of trials.


article-1233328-077A9394000005DC-648_468x308.jpg The snooker ace held aloft a glass of champagne during his exit interview



As cockroaches and crickets were placed in her right leg, she yelped: 'They’ve got into my knicker leg, one’s on my bum, this is not right you know, they do nip you know, they stink and this is only the beginning.'

Green ants, notoriously nasty little critters, were then added to her left arm before a pail of large spiders were then poured in over her head.

'I’m terrified of spiders,' she cried as they crawled over her head and goggles.


Earlier Kim took part in the 'John T-Ravolting' bushtucker trial




Enlarge article-1233328-077A74D4000005DC-857_224x225.jpg

Enlarge article-1233328-077A7510000005DC-157_224x225.jpg



Cockroaches and lots of other jungle nasties were poured into compartments in the Perspex casing



By this stage she had won her three stars, but then continued to earn some extra treats when nipping crayfish were added to her left leg.

Finally, giant stick insects were placed in her left arm.

As she bid farewell, Kim said to Dec: 'Come on darling, you little honey, I think you are very attractive! I’ll be in the caravan later - prepared! You are thinking about that aren’t you?


article-1233328-0779195A000005DC-373_468x295.jpg Spiders were also dropped in and began crawling over her head



Dec replied: 'I can’t stop…' Cutting in Kim added: 'You’ve got my address, don’t let me down,' to which Dec retorted: 'That’s the best offer I’ve had here.'

Next up was Gino, who had to eat his way through three courses of jungle nasties in order to win three stars to win three dinners for camp.

The chef managed to munch his way through all three course and also chose two additional platters to win extra treats.



She managed to win three starter meals for her camp mates during the task



Dec explained that Gino had the choice of either a traditional course or Bushtucker.

First up was a fermented egg or antipasta. 'I’m trembling because I’ve not eaten antipasta for a long time,' he said as he smelled the selection of olives, artichokes, tomatoes and dips.

He cracked the egg shell to reveal a completely black, rotten egg and started gagging as he chomped it down, struggling to swallow it. 'That was disgusting, you people are crazy,' he said to the presenters.







Gino was up next and had to eat his way through a three-course meal



Next up was Rhino beetles or profiteroles with cream. Gino wanted to pretend it was a prawn as he popped it in his mouth and started crunching while involuntarily gagging.

A jungle bento box of cockroaches, witchetty grubs and meal worms were next on the menu - or Gino could choose sushi.

Relishing a bottle of Chianti, Gino was offered a dish of long, slimy, live meal worms or a spaghetti bolognese.

article-1233328-0779010F000005DC-708_468x286.jpg It included Rhino beetles, which he had to gobble down



article-1233328-0779011C000005DC-625_468x286.jpg Next up was a witchetty grub, which he bit the head off before swallowing



He duly gobbled down the worms so he could claim his extra prize, sucking it up in his mouth like spaghetti.

The final dish was a crocodile’s head. As he prised open the jaws he saw his dish - the tongue.

Preferring this to a slice of his favourite thin crust pizza, he took a big chunk out of the tongue and chewed.




article-1233328-077901E1000005DC-19_468x305.jpg He also had to eat a handful of meal worms and a cockroach



'It smells awful,' he complained. 'It tastes like rotten fish.' He gagged, choked and had to stop himself from throwing it back up, 'the worst was the egg,' he told Ant and Dec at the end.

Jimmy took part in the final bushtucker, Flash Flood, and was playing for three desserts. The snooker ace was locked into a chamber with leg irons, handcuffs and a waist belt.

Gino chased a roach around the table and crunched it down followed by a handful of wriggling worms before biting the head off the witchetty grub, discarding it and munching on the body.


article-1233328-07790482000005DC-99_468x336.jpg To win a special treat, he then proceeded to chomp on some worms



article-1233328-0779038E000005DC-366_468x320.jpg He sucked them up like spaghetti



Throughout this course he gagged and squirmed. 'It tasted ‘orrible, like mucus, like something that was off.'

He was congratulated on winning the three main courses for camp and was then offered the personal treats.

Five keys were dropped into the chamber and Jimmy had to unlock each of the padlocks on each of his arms, legs and waist.


article-1233328-0779057A000005DC-796_468x327.jpg Finally he was confronted with a crocodile head




article-1233328-077A81FE000005DC-313_468x300.jpg He opened it up and had to eat a chunk of tongue inside



The first three locks successfully freed would provide a dessert for each of the celebrities and if he unlocked the remaining two it would provide two personal treats.

Placed and heavily restrained in the chamber, the klaxon sounded and the water started flooding in with a key falling to the floor.

Jimmy found it quickly as yabbies poured down on him and unlocked a wrist.

article-1233328-07790374000005DC-864_468x313.jpg Jimmy White won three desserts after taking part in the final bushtucker trial, Flash Flood



article-1233328-077903F9000005DC-818_468x453.jpg He had to swim down in a tank that filled up with water and collect stars



With water rising up to his chest he had to force himself down to the chamber floor to pick up the second key and unlock a leg as lots of big water spiders were poured onto him.

He found the third key as biting barramundi showered down on top of him and the water rose to his neck.

Constantly rising up and gasping for air, Jimmy unlocked another manacle but dropped the padlock.

Thrashing around in the animal, fish and spider infested waters, he could not get the fifth key before his time ran out.

Pleased with winning all three desserts and one personal treat Jimmy said: 'I got panicky, the water level got very high very quickly.'




He managed to win all three starters, plus an extra treat



article-1233328-0779042D000005DC-855_468x353.jpg But he couldn't reach the final star during his trial


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