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earth angel chords

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To my knowledge (or my ears, that is) Chris plays with these chords:




Ab, Fm, Db, Eb



Again, as far as I can tell the bassline notes are Ab, (G), F, (Eb), Db, (Db), Eb.


I put the above notes in parenthesis because Chris plays these notes but they are quick and right before switching chords (If you're confused about this and the timing of it, listen to what Chris has the men hum at the end of the song. That is how the bass riff is played).





The bridge is Db to Eb x2 then..


Db, Eb, Ab (the Ab is played on the word "Loveliness" and "Happiness")


The bass notes in this section just corresponds to the chords being played.


The bridge part is played through twice.




And that's basically the song. Again, this is as I hear it but it is a pretty basic song so I believe I am accurate. If I am not, I hope someone can correct my errors!


Hope this helps.

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So I just listened to this again and realized that I made a mistake.


While the bridge part is played through twice, the second time through Chris does not play an Ab. It ends like with him holding the Db and ending on an Eb like this...


Db Eb


I'll be the vision of your happiness


he holds the Db and plays the Eb on the word "happiness."




EDIT: Sorry for the confusion but for some reason my computer is not letting my place the "Eb" over the word "happiness" listed above. Again just hold the Db in the final line of the Bridge until the word "Happiness," and then you play an Eb.

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