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Assburgers (The Aspergers Thread)


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Mph... we have an ADD thread, so we can have an ASSBURGERS thread.


Form of autism, distinctive by difficulties with socialisation and specific interests. Clumsiness is another symptom. You are born with it and there is no cure or treatment for it (it's thought to be genetic). Other patterns/behaviors/whatnot are poor balance, tandem gait, sleeping issues.


Many are misdiagnosed as having ADHD instead of AS. There is therapy and treatment for conditions related to having AS.


Having pulled a random rough description from Wikipedia, it's also used heavily by internet noobs as an excuse for their actions.


It is relevant to your interests as we have an ADD thread, plus I have a mild case.


Thoughts on it and whatnot? Discuss!


I call it ASSBURGERS because it sorta sounds like that plus all the noobs using it as an excuse is really lame. I don't personally ever allow it as an excuse, behavioral therapy improves it (even if you do it yourself), even if my mother does. Boo.

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