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"Ice" to see you, to see you "ice"............


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By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:34 PM on 02nd January 2010




The big freeze has sparked chaos and treacherous conditions for millions of Britons since it set in over the festive season.

But it has also produced some incredible wintry scenes more akin to the pages of C.S. Lewis's classic Narnia books.

This amazing wall of ice in Teesdale, County Durham, has left walkers venturing out across the fields for some fresh air stunned.


Towering: A walker admires a giant wall of icicles in Teesdale, Cumbria

Icicles cling from the overhanging shrubbery and stretch around 15ft to the floor into freezing water below.






One walker reached out a hand to touch the thick icy shards which dangle down like vast stalactites, with the sheet of ice stretching far above her.

Others shrouded in woolly hats, scarves and coats positioned themselves a few yards away to get the full effect, and made sure to capture the image on their cameras.


Two weeks of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures have left much of the North of England and Scotland looking like a winter wonderland.



Wrapped up warm: People swathed in scarves and gloves admire the icicle wall

Ski resorts in Scotland are enjoying one of their best ever seasons thanks to the sustained snow, with thousands visiting their slopes over the holiday.

Forecasters have warned that the big freeze is set to continue for the first half of January after what was the coldest December in more than a decade.


They warn temperatures could plunge as low as -15C in some parts of Scotland and northern England over the next few days.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1240067/Big-freeze-The-amazing-wall-ice-makes-Britain-look-like-Narnia.html#ixzz0bU4ZaELP

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