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Prince not so Charming: Panto actor caught criticising his host town on Twitter


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Prince not so Charming: Panto actor caught criticising his host town on Twitter



By Mail On Sunday Reporter

Last updated at 1:30 AM on 03rd January 2010



An actor playing Prince Charming in pantomime in Lowestoft has upset locals - by describing the Suffolk seaside resort as a '**** hole'.

Owen Woodgate, 25, from London, wrote on blogging website Twitter: '**** hole of a town. Everyone is pregnant. No Starbucks. Hoodies dominate the streets. Poo.'

The actor also proved himself less than charming by posting negative remarks about a nightclub in the town and moaning about having to do 10am performances in the production of Cinderella.






Charming: Owen Woodgate, who is performing in Lowestoft alongside Anne Charleston and Dave Benson-Phillips described the town as a '**** hole'



But after being confronted by angry residents, he quickly changed his tune, adding: 'First impressions way off the mark. Having a great time.'

Outraged local Karl Traynier spotted the comments after seeing the show and deciding to look up the actor’s Twitter site to find out more about him.

Mr Traynier said: 'Lowestoft has its problems, but so does every other town up and down the country. These comments seem to be unfair and really unjust.'


Woodgate declined to comment about the row and has now removed the offending tweets from his Twitter site.

In their place are more positive comments about his stay, including: 'Having a fantastic time, met some great people, show has been a massive success, and everyone has been very welcoming to this London actor.'

With just a few days to go before the end of the show's run, Woodgate even went as far as to tweet: 'Really hope to return to the Marina later in my career. Sad its all going to be over in only 5 days.'

The question is whether the town will welcome him back.


One actor who has been pleased with his visit to the seaside resort is children's television presenter Dave Benson-Phillips, who has been playing Buttons alongside fairy Godmother Anne Charleston, best known as Madge from Neighbours.


Benson-Phillips said: 'I’ve had a great time, the people are lovely and everyone’s been saying how they’ve been looking forward to seeing us.'


Theatre manager Martin Halliday said: 'We’ve broken all of last year’s records. It’s been a fantastic production by a superb company.'

Producers UK Productions declined to comment on the issue.

Social networking site Twitter has hit headlines on many occasions this year, with a number of comments from high-profile stars causing offence.


Footballer Darren Bent criticised Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy on his Twitter site in July.


The same month Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes was reprimanded for revealing he had been dropped for the third Ashes test.

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