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2009's balance


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What have you done last year that made you proud of? Have you improved your skills, achieved something big, done something great? What about the non-so-good moments? Were you able to learn from them?


I think it's always good to think about past situations and facts so that you can move on keeping brighter/better things in mind...


Well, this past year was an interesting one I guess... I succeeded in learning to play some songs I've always wanted to, I put my patience in practice, I tried to listen what people had to say more, I did some charity work in order to help as much people I could, I got closer to my brother (we didn't use to spend much time with each other) and I tried to accept people as they are more. I mean, not that I didn't before, but I had this great experience in which I had to deal with different opinions/ideas all the time.


On the other side, I still need to be more focused, I gotta be less insecure and selfish, I shouldn't be afraid of taking some kinds of decision, I could exercise more, organize myself better and give its deserved value to some things.


Come on, people...

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I regrew a voracious appetite for reading that disappeared several years ago. It's helped me feel far more productive especially when its a famous author who I had never read before. Too much music and online chatter often leaves me feeling stagnant and depressed, but I don't feel any time is wasted when I'm educating myself on books I should've read years ago.

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2009 sucked. i got passed up for the job i'd been working so hard for, my grandma died, my best friend took advantage of me, my sister drifted away from me, i had a lot of unnecessary stress. but i also found an amazing apartment for myself, became a lot more comfortable in my skin and smoked a shit ton of pot. balance.

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