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  1. Hey, guys! Well, I'd like to ask you a huge favor. My sister and I are thinking of opening a hostal in our city and we need to make some sort of a research first. We elaborated a questionnaire to help us understad the demands of the enterprise and, since we need it to be answered by the greatest amount of people possible, I thought I should come by and ask those who have a little free time to help us. There are 28 questions, but most of them are quite simple, needs only a yes or no answer. If there is any of them that you don't feel comfortable to answer, just feel free to ignore it. It sho
  2. OH MY GOSH! Ian, this is a fantastic story! Thank you a lot for sharing it with us! Chris is a gentleman, such a humble guy! Stories like these make us love them even more. I cannot even imagine how you felt after this. It may have been the most surreal feeling ever! Congrats on your achievement!!!
  3. ^THIS! I am slightly worried. Dunno what could have been the motives for that. Tooooo weird!
  4. This is by far one of the threads I most love in coldplaying. So many beautiful stuff! Loved the guitar and the mdf panels!!!
  5. Oh my gosh, what was THAT??? Incredibly brilliant performance, I dare to say it was one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. They were perfectly connected, the four of them in perfect shape! Really beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes quite some times...
  6. Muito obrigadaaa :) Também foi uma coincidência ter reparado no teu aniversário, raramente vejo os aniversários aqui! Mas já ficamos a saber que os nossos são muito perto um do outro :). Beijinhos p.s.: espero que a tua amiga tenha gostado de lisboa!

  7. I just love seeing how incredibly talented people from this board are... Really amazing job, guys! It really inspires me to try something like that!
  8. Lili, parabéns!!! :) Muuuuito Coldplay, amor e felicidade para você! Vi o recado de aniversário que você me mandou no meu perfil e vim aqui agradecer. Você não imagina a minha surpresa ao saber que coincidentemente é o seu aniversário! haha. Bom, muito obrigada então! :) Beijos!

  9. Parabéns Lívia :)

  10. I wouldn't bother if you decided to give me one of those two, Ian :rolleyes: :lol:
  11. guys, do you if there will be people selling tickets at the day of the concert? And have any of you ever been to a concert at the IZOD center before? Those seats behing the stage are way too horrible? It's the only option I have at the moment :/ At the Madrid Unstage, the people behind seemed to have a good view of what was going on, but I don't know if it will be the same, that stage seemed special or something
  12. This is the sadest thing! :bigcry: I didn't know I would be at NY by that time, that's the reason I didn't buy it earlier. I would never be so negligent with Coldplay :cry: Now the only seat they offer me is a behind the stage one, with a poor view. Do you guys know if, at the concert day, people sell tickets at the entrance of the venue? Here in Brazil it happens all the time, but I have no idea if stuff like that happen to occur in the US as well...
  13. Hi there! I'm looking foward to one ticket for the august 3rd concert and another one for the august 4th (New jersey), prefereably the floor seats. Pretty please!!!! More than one is welcome as well (actually it's me and 3 other friends). Thank you!
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