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  1. That was me in NZ at midnight last night......tired and disappointed.
  2. New music on fridays either drops at midnight in each country (the first being in New Zealand last night - but there was nothing), or worldwide at midnight EST (this is usually reserved for the big pop releases) So in 4 hours or so.
  3. Anyone have this video? this youtube link was taken down and the original facebook link is long gone. thanks!!
  4. I agree that ASFOS doesn't really fit in the album, I don't think the album is really that cohesive at all. tbh i like the ideas/atmosphere of the album more than I like the actual product. I disagree with the stuff said about ASFOS though After watching the Zane Lowe interview I realise that the differences between coldplay's uplifting songs (even the older ones like Shiver, Yellow) really aren't that different from the huge uplifting EDM songs that are around atm. The chord progression in ASFOS is still uniquely coldplay, and if the song didn't have those Aviici synths people wouldn't a lot of the criticisms mentioned above. I think the song sounds exaclty like Coldplay, not just Chris singing over an Avicii song or whatever (i'm starting to think i don't actually know how to spell avicci) But i guess the issue is that yeah, it doesn't really fit. lyrically + emotionally it fits in the context of the album but the production is so vastly different. I don't think this was label execs forcing a Viva-like song on there, i just think it's another example of poor structure/cohesion in the album
  5. You guys should remember that making music as a group doesn't just mean playing your own instruments...maybe think of it more like a table of writers contributing to a new episode of a sitcom? everyone's contributing to make something as great as possible. just because you can't hear Guy's bass or Will playing acoustic drums doesn't mean they didn't contribute to the song maybe no one was saying that but idk also i know nothing about writing for sitcoms I think True Love is overproduced and boring, I don't really like Oceans either. Always In My Head should be longer. I don't like the filter on the piano in A Sky Full Of Stars I generally like the lyrics, they're simple and hit pretty hard for me (I've never liked poetic lyrics with metaphors and shit) but sometimes they're a little TOO simple O is incredible and probably top 10 coldplay songs
  6. Has he only played this live? He might have just thrown together a quick edit (or maybe a work in progress remix) of Atlas so he could play the song at his show without it ruining the vibe of his other music! DJ's do this a lot, but I don't know much about Avicii.
  7. hope Hudson Mohawke releases a solo one this year. Some of the songs that have been floating around for yeeears are incredible
  8. The beyonce album has 2 singles, they just weren't released prior to the album
  9. HI SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG 1. This song sounds pretty 80s inspired. That's usually something that really gets on my nerves but I actually quite like this. There's a male vocalist with a pretty generic voice. The chorus and melodies are really nice. 2. A female vocalist that I recognise but I can't put a name to...okay I've definitely heard this before it will be embarrassing when I find out what it is. I don't actually like this though it's very busy and like...confident to the point where it's irritating 3. nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorry childish gambino nope 4. Kinda mellow indie rock song. Female vocals. Kinda reminds me of St. Vincent? I don't think it's her though. This is nice. 5. this is that grimes song ummmm i really hate grimes i can't really explain why it's just all cutesy and gross i hate it sorry 6. there is a man saying "bam bam bam" in this song and it's kind of scaring me. I don't like this at all...I'm interested to know who it is though. Is it british? it sounds british 7. upbeat indie song. the chorus is kinda disco-y. This just really isn't my kind of thing I'm sorryyy 8. okay this one ACTUALLY sounds like it's from the 80s (although as the song goes on I'm less sure about this) The vocalist sounds british, he has a deep voice kinda like Morrissey. I don't think I have a problem with the 80s but man i dunno about this kind of music... 9. oh! St. Vincent! I forget the name of the song but I really like this one. I haven't listened to her in agess thank you for this. She has a v pretty voice 10. ahaa this song. I've heard this a lot I still don't actually know what it is though. The chorus is really catchy. 11. a ballad-ish song. I guess it's supposed to sound like it's from the 60s or something but idk I'm finding it really boring. 12. another ballad. folk guitar/vocals with chiptune synths. it's an interesting sound but hell :sick: 13. I feel like I recognise the girl's voice. I liked this up until the chorus or wherever it got all big. it was nice they didnt have to ruin it :( she has a really interesting voice though. I'd like to know who it is though 14. acoustic guitars glitching with a guy and a girl singing. This is pretty cool! I wanna know who this is! 15. a piano ballad. I was starting to warm to it when the single note drum/guitar/bass hits came in but I dunno. This sounds real emotional but I'm not feeling anything...maybe I'm too cynical ummm I'm sorry I didn't like a lot of this. It was a lot of indie rock which is not my favourite thing anymore...it was interesting to listen to though because these are probably the songs I would love if I was still into that kinda thing. so thank you for giving me these songs I'd never heard before! I wanna know about #1, #4 and #14!! thank youuuu sorry i took so long to review..it wasn't even a very good review
  10. woah chris! umm to my mixtape maker i will probably do my review tomorrow...maybe
  11. i'm finishing mine today but i think it's still the 24th over there so thanks time zones
  12. i'm finding arcade fire very embarrassing atm
  13. mega.co.nz is great and it'd be cool if more people used it so it's less obvious when im the only one using a .co.nz website :disappointed:
  14. here's my last fm. i reset the plays at the start of this year and i've been listening to mostly r&b/rap since then so my tastes might look a little narrow but i'm willing to listen to whatever you think i'd like! http://www.last.fm/user/RadiohEDDD
  15. I've included mixtapes in my list before and no one's said anything. haha. In the general scheme of things they aren't that different from an album
  16. hell I guess i'll just listen to it then
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