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The sticky stationery sculptures that tape creativity to new heights


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The sticky stationery sculptures that tape creativity to new heights



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 9:17 PM on 23rd February 2010




It is the staple ingredient of many a creation made by children's TV presenters.

But now that ever versatile stationery favourite sticky tape has been used for a rather more lofty purpose in a series of stunning sculptures.


These amazing see-through artworks have been fashioned from clear tape and include a jellyfish, fisherman and pregnant woman.


A jellyfish called wonder: This model - called 'A Strange Way of Going' by artist 'Annie K' - shows a giant jellyfish appearing to drag a bike from its rack on a street corner

The sculptures are entries in an art competition organised by Scotch, the sticky tape manufacturer, and entrants had to use the firm's products to create their masterpieces.

They were made by sticking bits of tape together in a 'free-form' style or by wrapping strips around objects which were then removed to leave the sticky tape 'shell'.



Stuck on the spot: 'Office Space' by artist 'Scott M' shows a person at their workstation, complete with PC, lights, chair and desk - you can even see a disc in the drive of the computer tower



Delivery: 'Mr. Postman', by artist 'Joshua R' shows in extraordinary detail a mail man popping out of a postbox wih his red heart on show

Other materials, such as wire, cardboard and paint, were also allowed to make up to ten per cent of the model if used to support or enhance it.


The fisherman and pregnant woman were each made from four rolls of tape, while a drum kit was created from a staggering 48 rolls and the office desk used up 36.



Clearly not ferocious: If this dragon artwork managed to muster up a fiery breath, it would surely self-combust




Nostalgia: A girl swings on a car tyre in a work entitled 'Child of Yesterday' by artist 'Kent H' - the winner will scoop a cash prize of £3200


'Special Delivery': Artist 'Adrielle T' chose to depict a pregnant woman complete with visible baby


Particularly colourful is a lit-up jellyfish which appears to drag a bike out of its rack on a street under the title 'A Strange Way of Going' by artist 'Annie K'.


She said: 'The sculpture is 8.5 feet tall and made of 32 rolls of tape. Flour was used to colour the ruffled tentacles and battery-powered LEDs light the jellyfish'.


There are also models of a dragon, postman and a child on a swing.


The winning entry will receive £3,200 when judging takes place next month by a panel of artists.

Winners will also receive a case of 36 rolls of Scotch tape.

The competition closes on February 28.


Darrell Coutu, from Scotch, said: 'The contest provides an opportunity for people to showcase their originality using a unique art medium.


'The strength and durability of Scotch Packaging Tape has inspired artists to create some amazing entries, from jellyfish and octopuses to peacocks and pop icons.

'The judges have a tough decision to make, and I don't envy them one bit.'


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