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How chrome I can't drive one?


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article-0-08EB152A000005DC-91_634x483.jpgThe £30,000 chrome Mini Cooper which the buyers cannot even take off their drive


Last updated at 10:46 PM on 29th March 2010


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It must have seemed like an expensive gift that would make his wife the flashiest thing on the road.


But it has ended up becoming rather a burden.


Ian Grice paid £30,000 for a chrome-plated Mini Cooper as a Valentine's gift for his wife Toni.


But to the couple's dismay, they cannot even get the new car off their drive to show it off.



Flash: Ian Grice bought a £30,000 chrome Mini Cooper for his wife Toni, but cannot get it insured


Mr Grice, 42, cannot get anyone to insure the pricey vehicle.


'I've been left with the world's most expensive mirror,' he complained. 'No one will touch it with a barge pole.'


The builder bought the super-shiny car from a London showroom as a Valentine's Day gift for his wife, 41.


He was given a week's free insurance so he could drive it back to their home in Greasley, Notts.


But now insurance firms are refusing to give the couple cover.



World's most expensive mirror? Toni Grice applies her lipstick in her £30,000 car-come-mirror


Mr Grice, a father of two, said: 'They say it's too fragile and it'll get scratched and scuffed too easily.'


He added that it was a 'striking' car and that 'if you look at the body you see your reflection perfectly.'


A spokesman for the Association of British Insurers told The Sun: 'It could be a target for thieves.'

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