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Kate Middleton and Price SNOWilliam go on a Date (updates on this shocking scandal inside)


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Hold on tight! Prince William takes Kate Middleton on a spine-tingling ride... on a snow mobile


Last updated at 12:43 AM on 30th March 2010

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If she ends up becoming his princess, Kate Middleton will have to get used to trailing in Prince William's wake.

In the meantime she is snuggling up as close as she can. Or rather, clinging on for dear life as he races around their ski resort on a snow mobile.

The couple took off on a breakneck tour of the French Alps during their week's skiing holiday in Courchevel.


Racing up a storm: Kate Middleton roared with delight as Prince William took the controls

Kate, 28, roared with delight as William, 27, took the snow mobile controls. At one point he turned round to make sure she was holding on before putting his foot down and taking off in a flurry of snow.



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Snowmobiles can go as fast as 80mph, although the couple are thought to have travelled a little more leisurely than that.

They joined Kate's parents on holiday, staying in a chalet that costs up to £15,000 a week to rent.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1262168/Hold-tight-Kate-Prince-William-takes-Middleton-hair-raising-ride--snow-mobile.html#ixzz0jcaqoZ2J

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