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Shortlist Concert (!!!)


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The Shortlist Concert was last night and I was there, down in the pit, right near the stage and the talent. *swoons* Best bits: Damien Rice's very intense set, especially Volcano and more especially I Remember. :o Bright Eyes' whole set was incredible (they had twelve people onstage! two drummers!! FUCK!). They were so incredible that my friend, who hates Bright Eyes and calls them "Shit Eyes" was impressed. Before the last song Conor Oberst went off on a little rant and called Bush an ex-coke head, some idiot took offense to that and came up onstage and spat at Conor's feet. How stupid. :angry: But Conor just kept going, staggering around the stage and kicking over his mic. And he was seriously channeling The Cure with his look last night. Sexy bastard. :wink3: Beck, yes, BECK introduced The Black Keys and they put The White Stripes to shame they were so good. The drummer played with a tambourine for one song! :stunned: Genius! They were truly stunning. And then Interpol. :smug: They were all so cool. Carlos was smoking the whole time and wearing an empty gun holster. Daniel was playing with his eyes closed and just looked so into it... the songs were really good too. ;) And then Damien won the Shortlist prize! Yea! And he was so humble and cool about it. Said he'd wanted to leave early and eat, but someone told him he should stick around. *goes aww*


That show was so amazing. And I was there! And it's gonna be on MTV2! And I might be on the show! Cos they interviewed my friend and I while we were waiting on line! :D :cool:


So everyone go out and buy albums from the aforementioned bands, then watch the MTV2 special (and watch for a slightly goofy blond wearing a blue Radiohead t-shirt!). :thumbsup:

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I should probably mention when the special will air... :rolleyes:


[from the Shortlist website:] The concert was videotaped by MTV2 for broadcast as a one-hour television special which will debut on October 25th at 1pm and 6pm Eastern. The special will be re-broadcast multiple times in the last week of October.

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