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I am thinking about working at a Kroger’s or something, since I have some experience in working a register and bagging groceries.


I just know, that some stores have a great work environment, and others don’t. So I have been looking for sites that have info about which would be a good place to work.


I found a bunch of job sites like monster.com, but their forums/communities didn’t make it easy to find anything useful.


While searching Google, I found TelOnU.com and was amazed that this was kinda like the Yelp.com of workplaces. They have a section on Companies:




I just type in the company, and it shows you reviews others make about the different companies. The People at work section can be a little intense. I have only posted a few reviews, but several of the reviews of companies and people made me think twice about taking a job with them, and in one case has made me want to really be at this one particular company with lots of rave reviews.


Also, I can find the companies that lay off people or are having a layoff – which can also steer you in a direction.


Has anyone else have experience using Telonu.com as a guild to choosing jobs or which companies to really chase for a job?


Did the reviews seem fairly accurate to you?


They do to me, I just want a second opinion.

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I don't have any experience with the site at all.

If you don't mind me asking, which State do you live in? I thought Kroger's was just a Michigan thing, but apparently not. Depending on where you live, I have another workplace to recommend...

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