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How can I make this DVD???

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I want to make a DVD of a Coldplay show, its the Toronto one from 2006 ofc.


How could I make the download, which is MP4 or MPEG-4 (are they the same???), and make a DVD from it?

What is the format that is used for most DVD's to work on a "normal" DVD player of Region 2?

And are there any software(s), (the freer the better!) which I can use to convert it to the correct format, and any software(s) to make a DVD, like with a nice custom Menu and effects like text etc?


I would really really appreciate any help on this because I'm always behind with computer stuff :( ...

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You'd need a program like NERO or convert your files to .vob first and then use a free burner like http://www.cdburnerxp.se/download.php


What's your experience with converting files etc?

With Nero you can create menus etc, you can't create menus with CDburnerXP...

Maybe some other member here can help you more.


You can convert the files with SUPER or XmediaRecode.



Nero isn't free but if you only need it for this project you could download the free trial.

As far as I remember you'd need to convert your files to .vob for that first, then it works no problem.

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I have the free version of NERO 10 Sue, I am still not100% sure on how to do it, can it turn MP4 into DVD's?

The file I have is MP4/MPEG4 and its really good quality, I opened it up with NERO vision, and I'm gonna try and burn it now, just a basic one to see if it works, if it does I'll add menus and other thigs in due course, but it has been working for a while now, and it says its burning, but the disc drive normally sounds like a jet engine! It is far too quiet right now to be actually burning, could be trascoding as it says that above it... I'm rubbish with computers!


And with NERO, I needn't convert to .vob right? :)

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It depends on the kind of version you have.

If it says "transcoding" that's usually a good sign.

It will take ages though, so be prepared (a couple of hours)!


If you have a full version installed on your PC it'll burn just fine, although if it's transcoding already you're past the menu-creating step. :thinking:


If your version doesn't support the transcoding however (which could still be possible I think - is there a progress bar??) you have to convert the files to .vob using one of the programs I mentioned above and then select those for the DVD.

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Oh wow!!! It worked :D


It transcoded, then burned, it al took about 80 minutes, for the whole show!


I jut used the default menu settings, wanted to make sure itwould work thats all ;) But, it worked! Yay! So, now to add some cool things, like interviews, the south bank show perhaps, some captioning for the song titles, a coldplaying message perhaps, lol, this is gonna be good :)


I'll get the quality as good as possible, though it aint bad now, and this is on a 38" screen, so if I get it good, and anyone would like a copy, then let me know :)


Thank you Sue, you have been a great help :)

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