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"Shameless" couple demand bigger home for family of eight (and all their children are named after ce


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Jobless couple demand bigger home for family of eight (and all their children are named after celebs)



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 9:54 PM on 23rd September 2010



A jobless couple today demanded a bigger council house for their family of six children - all named after celebrities, soap characters and rappers.

Unemployed Wayne and Jenna Sandercock say it is 'outrageous' that their local authority won’t give them a bigger home for their brood.

Their latest children, born on September 5, are twins called Roni and Roxi - named after the blonde Mitchell sisters in BBC’s EastEnders.


article-1314541-0B50C8F5000005DC-472_468x326.jpg Baby brood: Jenna and Wayne Sandercock, here with their six children, (left to right) Lil, 4, Shakur, 7, Roni, 2 weeks, Rain, 2, Roxy, 2 weeks, and Italy, 5, are demanding a larger council house


They join the couple’s oldest child, daughter Shakur, seven, named after rap star Tupac Shakur who died in 1996.

The name of their next child, Italy, five, was inspired by their favourite rap star Master P, who had a daughter with the same name.

Next came Wayne, four, who is named after American rapper Lil’ Wayne, followed by daughter Rain, two, after the daughter of American comedian Richard Pryor.

Jenna and Wayne are now demanding the local council help them move out of their current two-bed semi in Southway, Plymouth, into a bigger home.

She said: 'At the moment we are stuck in a two bedroom house. I’m not allowed a three bedroom house because the council say we will still be over-crowded.

'I have to wait until a four bedroom house becomes available. In the meantime they want to just leave us where we are.


article-1314541-0B51559D000005DC-93_468x369.jpg The family currently live in a two-bed semi in Southway, Plymouth


The house is really cluttered with all the kids’ stuff. One baby needs a lot of things - bottles, toys, etc - and we have twins so it’s just a nightmare.

'At the moment the babies sleep in my room in travel cots because that’s all that will fit in there. I have to climb over my bed to get to them, it’s ridiculous.

'The other kids all share a bedroom together and Shakur is seven now so she shouldn’t really be sharing a bedroom with boys.

'A friend of mine waited eight years before she got a bigger house - if we have to wait that long I’ll go mad. It is outrageous.'

The twins were born on September 5 weighing in at 4lb 3.5oz and 5lb 7.5oz.






Four-year-old Wayne is named after American rapper Lil' Wayne (left), while eldest daughter Shakur, seven, is named after the late Tupac (right)


Wayne - who wants to be a tattooist - says if the twins had been boys they would have called them Ronnie and Reggie after the infamous gangster Kray twins.

He said: 'After you’ve had so many children, especially lots of girls, it starts to get hard trying to pick names. Everyone wants some twins called Roni and Reggie - it’s classic but still unusual.

'We loved the name Roni so we kept that. You can’t call a girl Reggie and we saw the sister’s on EastEnders and thought it worked really well.

'I watched a documentary about Richard Pryor and thought Rain was such a pretty name. We desperately need a bigger house but the council haven’t given us one.'

Jenna added: 'I looked up the meaning of Shakur and in Arabic it means "Thanks be to God". I felt thankful to God as I never expected to have children.

'We always thought that Italy was pretty, and I’ve always wanted to go there.'


article-1314541-025E4B35000005DC-718_468x375.jpg The unemployed couple's latest editions - twin girls born this month - have been named after EastEnders characters Roni and Roxi, who are played by Samantha Janus (left) and Rita Simons




Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1314541/Jobless-couple-demand-bigger-home-family-children-named-celebs.html#ixzz10OIkIB8P

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