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Death and All of His Friends (Project)


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Hey guys! New to this forum, first post.


I'm a budding home recording engineer working on this audio project trying to test the flexibility of nothing but a SM-57, a good preamp, and a good DAW; I'm basically trying to record an entire song using one mic in my cabinet.


The problem is, one song I'm working on is a cover Death and All of His Friends. Now, I've been all around the world (Hong Kong, Australia, Nashville, Boston) finding different artists to record this, and I have a lot of tracks down. The one missing piece is the piano part. I actually have multiple piano tracks, but can't find one that is faithful to the original part.


Now, I've been trying to do this without the score book. But it's come to the point where I'm editing the overdubbed tracks and there's some stuff that just doesn't sound right musically. So I wanted to finally give in and consult their book. Problem: I've been looking for the Viva la Vida score and it is nowhere. I even checked in the Berklee College of Music library (they have EVERYTHING) and no dice. I could buy it online, but am kind of strapped for cash right now and don't have the money to spend on a single song.


Then I realized I should look online for help, and here I am. I've searched the forums and found a few expired links; I was wondering if anybody could help me obtain the original score?


Thanks guys! Means a lot to me.

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