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  1. Speaking of those speculations about Mary . . .
  2. 9 PM, so about an hour and a half to go. ETA: oops, I didn't see Haruka's post there. sorry!
  3. ^ No problem! :) I hope it works out. In other Breaking Bad news, regarding the next two episodes . . . source. and the tweet itself.
  4. ^ Does Amazon Instant Video work on the kindle? They've released each episode the day after it airs, and it costs $2 each. There's iTunes as well.
  5. ^ It was very emotionally draining, from beginning to end. That knife scene was too much for me, but I loved that shot from Walter's POV of Junior shielding Skylar from him. Idk, that exact moment when Walt realizes that his family is truly against him just made my heart stop, as overdramatic as that sounds.
  6. I just finished tonight's episode. :freak: How are there only three more left?
  7. That whole entire episode was ridiculously intense. :wreck: I completely forgot that Hank did not know where the money for his treatment came from. Now with Walt's "confession", I wonder what the Schraders will do next.
  8. I don't really think that Hannibal is jealous that Will and Alana are becoming closer. I've always thought Hannibal (who finds Will to be some fascinating subject from a psychological point of view) wants to help and encourage him to catch the criminals, despite the danger, while Hannibal stands by the sidelines observing it all. I think. :shrug: About that Freddy Lounds question you had, I think Hannibal just saw an opportunity to work with Freddy and use her journalism skills to his advantage. Although, I need to re-watch Freddy's scenes, especially the ones after her little chat with Ha
  9. Someone please help me out here, because I haven't been keeping up with the boys . . . these gifs --> right here! Are they from a recent video? Are they really working on "something"? :wideeyed:
  10. A Hannibal thread! :cheesy: I'm pretty much praying for NBC to renew this show. I think it's pretty great, and the cinematography is gorgeous. After reading Bryan Fuller's (the show creator) plans for future seasons, I would love to see how it would play out on screen. I have some trouble understanding him too. Thank goodness for subtitles.
  11. BUMP because the second part of the final season will premiere on Sunday, August 11th. I'm not ready for this show to end, and yet I can't wait to see how it concludes and who wins and loses. :anxious:
  12. And just for a laugh, someone posted this ad on Craigslist looking for a certain King in the North . . . source.
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