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Why-ay-ay? Interpreters hired to translate Geordie and Scouse accents for foreigners!


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Interpreters hired to translate Geordie and Scouse accents


for foreigners



Last updated at 2:26 PM on 8th October 2010



article-1318843-07F16F5D000005DC-416_233x469.jpg Lost in translation? Bosses at Today Translations have offered to help Cheryl Cole make herself understood when she appears on the American X Factor


Interpreters are being hired for foreign visitors to the UK to translate Geordie and Scouse accents.

A translation company claims businessmen and women are left baffled by the thick local dialects in Newcastle and Liverpool when they come to Britain.

Bosses at Today Translations, the company recruiting the translators, have even offered to help Cheryl Cole make herself understood when she appears on the American X Factor.

They are now seeking applicants who can make life easier by translating the regional accents, words and phrases.

Managing Director Jurga Zilinskiene, 34, moved to the UK from Lithuania 15 years ago and even now say she struggles to understand some local dialects.

'We provide translators and interpreters but began finding increasing problems with local dialects,' she said.

'Even the translators couldn’t understand some of the strong dialects, especially in Newcastle and Liverpool.

'We need people from these regions to help our clients understand what people are saying.

'Businessmen and women who come to the UK can usually understand the ‘Queens English’ but anything different is a struggle.'

And she said she had trouble understanding her Yorkshire husband in the early days, adding: 'We could even help Cheryl Cole when she goes on the American X Factor if she needs us.

'She says she won’t be toning down her accent for the Americans - but they might have difficulty understanding some of her phrases.

'People in Newcastle and Liverpool shouldn’t offended by this. The accent gives them a strong regional identity and they should be proud of it.'

The company say they have had a good response so far and hope to have translators in place in the next few weeks.

Applicants do not need to be trained linguists but must be locals who can translate some of thicker accents of the cities where they live into standard English.

Last year they received more than 500 applications when they advertised for Glaswegian interpreters.

The company is now considering recruiting translators in parts of Wales and Northern Ireland.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1318843/Interpreters-hired-foreigners-translate-Geordie-Scouse-accents.html#ixzz11nB8cdbB

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