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I pissed off


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1. Work, when u get a egg buttie and its fucking cold when u complain u get told to piss off. Well what the fuck tell us why you are bring it around as a hot fucking breakfeast. I don't like being hungry and I don't like me fucking breakfest to be fucked about with.


And the eqq was running and went down me nice pants looking like I just had a wank beforee I came to work

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1) Runny eggs are best :P

2) Where's the sausage?

3) Does your works have a microwave like ours?


1 > Runny eegs are the best, but not when they are unexpeatley cold

2, I wanted to save myself 10 P (GUTTED I DID) Love the suagage butties

3. Yes it does, but I was to egg of to go and heat it up

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