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Lamb are one of my faves... Gorecki all time best song EVER followed by Gabriel.. They're touring in November this year.. I saw them in Feb at Brixton Academy and they blew me away. Definitely see this group! Lou has the best voice ...


I can fllllyyyy ... but I want his wings.... I can shine even in the darkness, but I crave the light that he briiings... revel in the songs that he siiings .. my angel Gabriel.....

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I've just heard that their tour might be cancelled as the drummer has sprained his wrist and can't play for more than 10 mins ... I really hope not and am going to wait until I hear it officially ... I was meant to see them next week :(


BUT I've just heard the whole album and I can't wait to own it ... for any fans, go to this website and you can listen to all the tracks :D



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