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Ok guys, Ive searched all over coldplaying forum and wondered how there was no coldplay LP/b-sides/ep etc. buy/sell thread.Why?Is it illegal or whatever...So i didn't know where to put this thread....

So...Are there anybody who is ready to sell spare cd's?:rolleyes:Please post your offers, i am lookin forward to buy anyone(well not any at all:)) Thanks

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I think the reason there is no buy/sell section is because:

1. We're Coldplay fans, and we don't like parting with our Coldplay possessions, even spare ones.

2. There's too much room for fraud. People could make a false account, tell everyone they have stuff to sell, sell it to other Coldplayers when it's actually just an empty CD case wrapped in newspaper, get the money and never be seen on the forums again.

3. eBay is just more convenient, searchable, and user-friendly anyway.


If you want Coldplay CDs or whatever, try Amazon or eBay :)

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