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  1. Check out My Body is a Cage from Neon Bible.That's the song even more powerful than Politik by Coldplay.
  2. I turn the music up, I'm on a roll this time, and heaven is in sight.
  3. Facebook !!!It's super-retardy!O.k. well happy birthday to chris)
  4. Hey,oracle.What were the coldplay's marks at school/ucl?I couldn' t find any information on this.So I am asking you). P.S. It'd be great if you could post a chris/guy/will/jonny photo shot in their school days. P.P.S. I am not a pervert, just asking cause I am now 14 and want to know what they looked like in my age.:)Thanks a lot.
  5. Whole World


    and i forgot that one hilarious!!!!!
  6. Whole World


    http://oi55.tinypic.com/2qwlhkz.jpg chris looks like retarded:lol: http://oi56.tinypic.com/14j3m1s.jpg that's what i got in the first row when i googled jonny buckland silly face:inquisitive:
  7. Warning Sign/The Escapist/ohhhhh i saw spaaaarrrrrrrksssssssss
  8. It's easy man.. lama is an animal, coldplay has the song called animals) Vomit is a christmas-lights-related thing.Bad song. next word is Condom
  9. Whole World


    OMG i thought chris was holding his stick in a hand:shocked2::laugh3:
  10. The Escapist Moses See You Soon Don't Panic Death and all his friends Careful Where You Stand In my place Shiver White Shadows Green Eyes Warning Sign Lovers In Japan that's it)
  11. yoyo is a toe toys are for playing games playing is what we're doing right now we do it on the site dedicated to coldplay so :smug: here it is,a tricky one russia
  12. If I am not wrong, then people like Chris Martin are called "agnostics".It's likeeee.....you believe in God, but not the concrete one:). Personally I am so, too.(It's not influenced by Coldplay, you know)
  13. Hey everyone...Wanted to ask if everybody know the details of their studying or even someone was learnig with them at ucl.So.....What were their marks?Really need to know this badly.... PS and ....Could someone post Chris's schoolphoto??thanks
  14. My favorite hygiene:) really it's a bit weird that i have this song on my ipod ..it has a cassette thumbnail lol....
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