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The kitchen is flooded!!


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So the hot tap in our flat in our Uni halls broke and flooded the kitchen with scolding water, which has leaked into the office and electric box downstairs.


The electricity has been shut down in the whole of our halls (which is like 24 flats of ten people) and they keep saying we did it on purpose (which we SOOO didn't) and that we're gonna have to pay for all the repairs! :angry: :angry:


I'm the only one in the flat because everyone else is in lectures and all the maintainance people are standing round blaming me (even though I haven't done anything) they said we were idiots and it was the worst flood they've ever seen- except it wasn't bloody our fault!!


I wish someone would come back :cry:

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how good are you at getting sympathy!! :lol:


for petes sake, what is it with students and floods!! the twonks in the flat above ours left the tap running when they were doing their washing in the bathroom sink *hello washing machine* and of course one night i was in the flat on my own and it started raining in the hall :stunned:


our security peopley people were really nice to me though, not too nice to the flooders :confused: :wink3: :lol:


hope u get sorted!

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