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  1. So 10 years since I started this thread.... Hope everyone is keeping well! Xx
  2. Northern Ireland / Ireland What sort of tour is this? Where are the Irish dates? Oxegen doesn't count by the way. Not impressed Coldplay. They've played here on every UK tour, Why not this time? Here's hoping! :-)
  3. Well folks here I am, back again. I got to thinking of my old comrades at coldplaying.com, now that Coldplay are back on the new album scene...... I have never forgotten the messageboard lol. Hope ye guys are weeeeeeeelllllllllllllll! :D
  4. you truly won't be disappointed. saw them on 19th...... 6th time for me, best one yet. absolutely unbelievable. wish i was going back on tuesday...... I'M JEALOUS :P make the most of it!! :D
  5. heyyyyyyyyyyy people! my friend took the most amazing pictures of the gig from 19th, we haven't had a chance to get them uploaded yet - we were at kings of leon tonight so things have been pretty hectic :P well... that was the 6th time I've seen Coldplay, and it was the most amazing gig I have ever EVER been to. after a poor performance in belfast 2005 (another end of tour gig) I was a little dubious about this gig. but i had nothing to worry about. they were in such good form, high spirits, more professional and mature than i've ever seen them. the laser show absolutely blew me away - i c
  6. i'm still; here :D "I'm English and as such I crave disappointment. That's why I buy Kinder Surprise"...
  7. Fantasia is scary! :stunned: The Lion King, Snow White, Cindarella... Robin HOOD!! amazin... "robinhoodandlittlejohnwererunninthroughtheforrrrrrrrest........." I saw the Lion King stage show in London twice, GO SEE IT! :D
  8. the ending of "lord of the flies" was pretty messed up... they made us watch it in school when we were about 13.... :stunned: not good!! when the rock smashes piggy's brains in? like wtf?!?!?! :cry: *edit* oh and also..... in the Dark Knight were the guy is dropped from the building and his leg just BREAKS *snap* oh my god i almost passed out cos i wasn't expecting that at all lol
  9. hahahahahahah brilliant "by the power of greyskull!!!!!!!!!!!" Love Hot Fuzz. I must watch it again ..... A hidden gem... "It's all right, Andy! It's just bolognaise!" :lol:
  10. I also think Ledger made this movie I'm not just saying that because of his untimely death, but without him as the Joker this movie would have just been another OTT special effects extravaganza. It was by far one of the best movies I've seen, kept me captivated for the whole 3 hours and I usually get pretty restless. It flew past and stole the show from Batman Begins. Also - Maggie rules, Katie sucks :P lol :D
  11. ahhhhhh fantastic!!!!!!! lucky old you :P
  12. Yep, it sure is.I can't seem to stop playing it on repeat :inquisitive: I just keep going for walks to listen to the album while watching the world go by.... :D amazin'
  13. aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhahahaahah GREAT!!!!:D *faints*
  14. hahah!! i feel the same i mean i love my boyfriend but these photos are making me all confused :sweatdrop: :laugh4: :shifty:
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