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Five men arrested on suspicion of terror offences at Sellafield nuclear power station

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Five men arrested on suspicion of terror offences at Sellafield nuclear power station



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:03 PM on 3rd May 2011





  • CIA Director Leon Panetta: We must remain vigilant and resolute

  • Heightened security at airports, trains and Ground Zero as U.S. on high alert

  • State Department warns 'enhanced potential' for violence against citizens

Five men from London are being held under the Terrorism Act after being arrested close to the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria, police said today.


The arrests came as the U.S. CIA and State Department warned there was 'enhanced potential' for violence against the country's citizens and assets.

Police departments were warned that the killing will likely inspire homegrown extremists in the U.S. to carry out revenge attacks.

The FBI cautioned that U.S. cities, airports, public transport and government buildings continued to be attractive targets for terrorists.


article-0-006F0D3100000258-328_634x286.jpg Arrests: The five men were held by police at Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria using Terrorism Act powers



article-1382741-0BDF50BA00000578-619_634x515.jpg Keeping watch: Armed police on duty at New York's Grand Central Station this morning, after authorities of possible reprisals following Bin Laden's death




article-1382741-0BE02A8E00000578-996_634x429.jpg Checks: Transportation Security Administration agents screen passengers at Los Angeles International Airport


New York's Port Authority announced there would be a heightened police presence at the city's airports and bridges - and at Ground Zero.







In Los Angeles, police were increasing intelligence monitoring, and authorities in Washington D.C. announced they would put more uniformed police officers on the city's metro system.


Armed NYPD officers were seen at New York's Grand Central Station at rush hour this morning as commissioner Ray Kelly issued a warning to all police commands to remain alert, even though there is no information indicating a specific threat.


article-1382741-0BE02A8700000578-834_634x495.jpg Airports: Security presence has been escalated at airports, train stations and public places after the killing of Osama Bin Laden




article-1382741-0BDF518300000578-667_634x547.jpg On alert: Armed Metropolitan Transportation Authority police and NYPD officers keep guard at Grand Central Station, New York


article-1382741-0BD11B6F00000578-828_306x338.jpg CIA director Leon Panetta hailed bin Laden's death but warned the U.S. must stay vigilant


CIA Director Leon Panetta on Monday said al Qaeda would 'almost certainly' try to avenge the U.S. killing of Osama bin Laden.

'Though Bin Laden is dead, al-Qaeda is not. The terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge him, and we must -- and will -- remain vigilant and resolute,' Panetta said.

Mr Kelly described the killing of Bin Laden as a 'welcome milestone' for the friends and families of those who died on September 11, and for those ' who remain tenaciously engaged in protecting New York from another attack'.


A spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it was immediately putting more staff on the facilities in runs, including the airports, George Washington Bridge and the World Trade Center Site.

He said: 'This response is not based on a current threat, but out of an abundance of caution until we have the chance to learn more.'

The agency lost 84 of its staff in the 9/11 attacks.


In Los Angeles, Assistant Commanding Officer Blake Chow, the head of the police department's counter-terrorism and special operations bureau, said officers will be monitoring intelligence more closely than ever.

Police in Philadelphia were on heightened alert, and officers were checking on mosques and synagogues very hour.


article-1382741-0BE02A7B00000578-855_634x508.jpg Security: Police officers patrol the Los Angeles International Airport the day after killing




article-1382741-0BDF3D9600000578-606_634x444.jpg Ramped up: A New York City police officer reads a copy of a newspaper announcing Bin Laden's death as she works at Ground Zero


article-1382741-0BDF636900000578-578_306x423.jpg 'Welcome milestone': But NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly warned officers to be on alert


A spokesman for Washington's Metro transit system said it is stepping up security as a precaution following Bin Laden's death.

Lisa Farbstein said customers will see more uniformed officers on the Metro from today, and there would be other 'invisible' security measures in place.

The measures came as the State Department put U.S. embassies on alert and warned Americans living in volatile areas across the Middle East to stay at home for fear of reprisals.

There are concerns Al Qaeda could launch an attack in revenge for the killing of their leader in Pakistan yesterday.

The department issued a travel warning effective until August 1, which said: 'We certainly anticipate threats of retaliation...

'This is an organisation that declared war on the United States more than a decade ago - threats from al Qaeda are not a new phenomenon.'

It said there was an 'enhanced potential for anti-American violence given recent counter terrorism activity in Pakistan.

'Given the uncertainty and volatility of the current situation, U.S. citizens in areas where recent events could cause anti-American violence are strongly urged to limit their travel outside of their homes and hotels and avoid mass gatherings and demonstrations.'

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Not necessarily.

They were Bangladeshi and filming.

It wasn't part of an investigation, they just fall under the bracket of being able to be 'reasonably suspected' of being a terrorist, and that means the terrorist act can be used.

Could be something and nothing, could have something in it.

To say 'it's started' is premature, unless you're talking about the future overuse of the terrorism act?

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