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Summer 2011 Easy Festival Guide (European Dates)


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Hey Coldplaying,


Did a quick recap of the European festivals we plan to attend this year with couple friends. Our list consists of 12 European festivals minus Glastonburry at this point.


I spent around an hour going through each and every site and prepared this excel sheet. We are currently in process of arranging the dates, flights, trains, tickets, accomodation and other details between these locations. Some of these countries are totally new to us - so any tips would be much appreciated.


Our list:


- Should give you approximate estimate for GAT's. (General Admission Ticket)

- Some festival ticket prices are set according to per-day basis. So in those cases we will only get day passes and skip other days of the festival in order to catch the flight/train to next Coldplay dates.





Do you know of any Front Circle or VIP ticket deals for any of these festivals? Nearly all of the ones i checked today were listed as regular tickets. Since we go all this way - we would like to upgrade to any special tickets on any of these dates - like front circle tickets etc. So please list if you know any specials for any of these dates so we can upgrade the list accordingly.


Hope this works as a guide to any of you planning to go any of these dates.

As of today (May, 27) all the tickets were available for all the festivals besides Scotland.

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I was able to locate Scotland tickets via UK sites - so while it's SOLD OUT - still not impossible to find.

As Raphaele mentioned - looks like "Optimus Alive" is also SOLD OUT.

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Pinkpop and Main Sqaure Festival don't have special tickets and Rock Werchter is sold out


Do you mean Rock Werchter "special tickets"?

If so what's the difference between regular and special tickets? Front Circle Access?

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