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  1. Both those albums seem like a blueprint for Everyday Life.
  2. My thoughts exactly! It starts out like a Massive Attack rip off. It also ends like one with a trip hop beat and trippy vocals. I absolutely hated it at first. It's probably the most overproduced song on the record. But it's grown on me and now it's one of my favourites.
  3. 1. AROBTTH 2. Parachutes 3. VLV -- 4. X&Y 5. Everyday Life 6. Ghost Stories -- 7. Mylo Xyloto -- 8. AHFOD Could easily move up I guess. An ambitious and bold record. They didn't play it safe and they should be applauded for still taking risks and trying to stay relevant 20 years after the Brothers & Sisters EP. I had given up on them after AHFOD (Something Just Like This being the final nail in the coffin). But this is an unexpected comeback. It's a bit disjointed and maybe a bit too ambitious in trying to cram too many influences into one (relatively short!) double album. U2 comparisons are pretty stale by now, but it did immediately remind me of Rattle and Hum. Also an album where a band tries to appropriate influences that may not always fit the band very well. Instead of only turning towards Americana, Coldplay did incorporate a whole other bunch of genres and world music influences. Coldplay will probably also be ripped apart by some critics for making an album that sounds a bit too self-indulgent. Both albums are a weird mixture of absolutely stunning songs, weird vignettes and songs that sometimes take the band too far out of their comfort zone. But... it somehow works. It helps that some of the songs are among the best they've written. The short vignettes (I mean the intro, the demo, short songs, interludes, soundbites, choir and gospel songs) kind of give it a cut and paste feel. But maybe that was exactly the point. After all, isn't that what everyday life is all about? A weird mixture of disjointed moments that hopefully fit together well enough to make it all worthwile?
  4. I'm going as well! Just found out about it right before the presage started. :) Saw them once in 2007. I wonder whether they'll play any new stuff.
  5. Ah, heb er ook ooit een crybaby wah en een Boss Loop station gekocht.:)
  6. Yeah, I had no idea the track info was still there. It was gone when I tried it on my mac. But maybe I copied the wrong directory. Dunno. Anyway... Cool that you recognised it. Don't know if it would have been as funny if you didn't. This is Controversy by Prince and indeed, that bassline is just the definition of funky. Well, I guess Prince is the definition of funky. I thought it was a top tune to kick things off. This is Bottle Rocket by The Go! Team. Their first album is a classic, the rest they did doesn't even come close. They actually released their debut album twice. The first version mostly had samples and stuff for the vocals. Then they got a lead singer and rereleased the album with her on vocals. Summer's Here by Magnus, the House-Jazz-Electro project by Tom Barman (dEUS) and techno dj CJ Bolland. They only released one album I think, but still perform as a DJ duo. This is the De La Soul track The Magic Number from their debut album Three Feet High and Rising. NY Lipps by Soulwax. It's actually a remix of their song NY Excuse with a bit of Funky Town thrown in. James Murphy did have a hand in it! He did the cowbells. And the vocals are Nancy Whang, who plays keyboards in LCD Soundsystem. We Can't Fly by Belgian band Aeroplane. And indeed, another funky bass. Tour De France, étape 2 by Kraftwerk. It's the live version which you can find on the (rather amazing) live album Minimum Maximum. Drug time by Babybird. He/They had a huuuge hit with You're Gorgeous in the nineties, but quickly faded into obscurity. He does still write some great pop songs from time to time. The lyrics aren't really about drug abuse I think. It's more about monotony in life with drugs used as a metaphor. I think. This is Live With Me by Massive Attack with vocals from Terry Callier. The song can be found on their compilation album. Ship In The Sand by Sophia, the band of Robin Proper-Sheppard who used to be in the legendary industrial noise band The God Machine. Indeed, a very sad song about being alone. This is Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler). Don't think it's possible not to like this song. Yeah, this is Richard Hawley's Coles Corner. This is 2nd Law by Tom McRae. Still think his debut album was the best singer songwriter album of the noughties. Down In The Street Below by the hugely underrated The Divine Comedy. One of the best lyricists around. Don't really see the a-ha or Kings Of Leon references, but the voice is a bit of an acquired taste. This is Lavinia by The Veils. Their debut album is quite brilliant. Unfortunately, they never reached that level again on subsequent releases. Here's the link to my mixtape: http://www.mediafire.com/?rqqsbqq2h37b88o The real tracklist is: * Intro: Barney's 'Get Psyched' Mix * Prince - Controversy * The Go Team - Bottlerocket * Magnus - Summer's Here * De La Soul - The Magic Number * Soulwax - NY Lipps * Aeroplane - We Can't Fly * Kraftwerk - Tour De France, Etape 2 * Babybird - Drug Time * Massive Attack - Live With Me * Sophia - Ship In The Sand * Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) * Richard Hawley - Cole's Corner * Tom McRae - 2nd Law * The Divine Comedy - Down In The Street Below * The Veils - Lavinia
  7. Wat heb je gekocht bij Key Music?
  8. Soirée Romarin. Vorige keer ook met Hindu Radio dj's, maar dat zal nu wel niet het geval zijn. Wel met o.a. Adam Ficek van Babyshambles als dj. Zou zelf eigenlijk eens zoiets willen organiseren.
  9. Normaal gezien wel. Er is dezelfde dag in Aalst wel iets gelijkaardigs te doen. Beetje een ongelukkige timing.
  10. Tickets voor Gotye in da pocket!
  11. AB is makkelijker om te parkeren dan Vorst. Trein kan lastig zijn als je ver woont en er geen treinen meer zijn na het concert.
  12. Hmm, just noticed the mp3 tags are still there if you open the files in Windows Media Player. Sorry about that... . Weird, I can't see them in iTunes on a Mac. Haven't received a review yet though!
  13. I've seen him. Way better than I would have expected. The songs take some unexpected turns live. Would love to see him do a dj set now.
  14. MTV got me into Radiohead and lots of other bands. Such a shame they've become totally irrelevant.
  15. They may never have topped the singles charts, but most of their albums got to number one in the UK. And Kid A was even a US number one. Also, MTV played their videos A LOT in the The Bends/OK Computer days.
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