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  1. si vous avez écouté le concert de Zurich hier soir, le son est excellent !
  2. et non Nice un mardi soir c'est pas possible pour moi... je vais à Manchester et à Londres
  3. I was not expecting to receive something anymore but it happened ! Thank you so much jeremyy !!!! I'll try to post pics later but I have issues with both my phone and my camera...
  4. I haven't received anything yet, for the second year in a row. Let's hope !
  5. great job Thalia ! the détails of your journey are very funny, the interview is amazing. Thank you again Thalia, thank you Coldplaying and thank you Coldplay ! Daylight is my favorite song too and I'm waiting for years to hear it live !
  6. Glad you finally got it Thalia ! It took almost 2 weeks from France to Germany, longer than expected
  7. AROBTTH (Daylight) Parachutes (Shiver) X&Y (Square One) VLV (42) AHFOD (Up&Up) MX (ETIAW) GS (O)
  8. ça fait un siècle que je n'ai pas posté ici... bonjour la France !
  9. selling 2 tickets for Wembley on 16th. Reserved seats level 2
  10. I might go to this one but I'm waiting for the prices. I went in 2012 and it was really really expensive.
  11. The football European championship will take place in both Stade de France and Parc des Princes, tbat's why they can't play in Paris.
  12. Manchester, Zurich and Wembley (18) Only on Saturdays because of work !
  13. I'm still in shock after these terrible events. I should have been in the area, but after an exhausted working day I stayed at home. I know some people who were there. As a teacher, I had to talk about all this with my pupils. Some of them have lost relatives. Thanks for the support from all around the world.
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