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Hello guys ;)


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I just want to introduce myself short. Hope you don't mind :)

And please excuse my english, as I'm from germany and did not grew up with the wonderful english language ;)


I discovered Coldplay (shame on me) the first time i heard Viva la Vida. Well, it was hard to not-hear that song ;)

So I looked a bit more at the band behind these song (as I usually do), and since then... wow.

It was a bit to late for any kind of concert I could go to, so I searched the internet for every possible recording of a live-show of this tour. Coldplay are amazing live.

And, I think that's the reason I love this band (and maybe lots of you here, too) is this very rare connection between the just poppy side (with songs like clocks, trouble, violet hill) and the other side (I don't know, maybe complexity (how do you spell this word ?)).

They are the only band in the world with style, with wonderful texts, musical knowledge and they are really re-inventing themselves with each new album.

Everything on Viva la Vida was further than just normal relationship-songs and everything had this revolution touch because of the painting.

And now, I can promise because I've just seen the Rock am Ring live concert, everything is more like new, graffiti (?), for me this seems more optimistic.

It was an epic concert.


That's it just for now. Looking forward to the new album and all the rumors and discussions in this forum before the release :D

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