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Clocks Acoustic Chords


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I love the acoustic guitar version of this song, and I have a firm belief that this song is played the way Jonny does the chords in this video:



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04bOh6cDk1I]YouTube - ‪Coldplay Clocks Acoustic‬‏[/ame]


Hard to see chords, but they're there! Please help

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Here's my sloppy answer after giving each video a listen:


Well, in the 2nd video, Jonny is playing something nearly identical to what he plays on the electric.


Intro/choruses =

Eb = x87068 or x688xx

Bbm = 688xx

Fm = alternates between 133xxx and x8,10,10x


Haven't really figured out the "correct" way to play the bridge, but the most basic way you can play those chords is:

Gb = 244322

Db = 9,11,11,10,9,9

Ab = 466544


And he plays some other junk for the end, which is the solo that he plays on the electric. BLAH google why are you so sucky at finding good tabs.


I can also arrange the piano riff as a guitar part.


So yeah...this kind of depends on what end result you want. If you're playing solo, you might as well learn Clocks on piano first.

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Well I am learning piano right now funny enough. Just learned the Scientist, and on my way on learning Trouble :)


But thanks for the help on this, I really couldn't figure out what was going on in this song. This and the acoustic parts for 42 I have trouble with.

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