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  1. Indeed some of Will's vocals seem pre-recorded. Sometimes though you can hear him make mistakes or be out of tune like in this version of HFTW (you can hear him struggle a little on the "la la la" section): Or check out this VLV version where it looks like he may have sung the wrong number at the beginning of the song (though admittedly this bit of vocals is NOT on the album version and maybe that's why there's no backing track for the vocals)
  2. Get Drunk With My Friends Everyday Life
  3. Other random musical snippets to share - listen to the end of this Lovers in Japan performance - Chris did this little improvised bit between LIJ and the Scientist on the MX tour. Possible that it turned into Fly On, but also might become something else one day!
  4. Where does one listen to Lethal Drug, and do I want to do that??
  5. Excellent, Brittany Howard / Alabama Shakes are excellent, though I don't know her stuff well. Wish Chris/Coldplay would do more stuff with Lianne La Havas and Dua Lipa now that I'm thinking of other collaborations with female singers. 🙂
  6. My guess would be Everyday Life and Trouble in Town, since TiT is relevant to how shitty 2020-2021 has been. Perhaps an acoustic version of Orphans? I'm crossing my fingers that Jonny shows up since very occasionally "Chris Martin" means Chris and Jonny.
  7. Interesting I always thought it was an RV5 on modulate mode!
  8. For those wondering what Chris said, here's that version of UATW - he indeed says they've just finished the song....8 years after it was released on MX. And then after he plays the song someone requests he says "UFO...I definitely can't remember that and there's another song called UFO which isn't out either.
  9. Speaking of UATW - you all may remember it WAS reworked and performed as such, with a bigger finale and some extra guitar bits in the verses! And the line "fly on that silver bird, fly over the sea" - fits with our refugees theme we're thinking about. And don't forget there was an "intimate" piano version of UATW too:
  10. Here's a random space related thing - check out the stage visuals for the Scientist back on the X&Y tour: If you're not familiar, I'm pretty sure it's footage from the classic film, Powers of 10
  11. Cool! There are indeed pre-recorded backing vocals that are a 3rd ABOVE what Chris sings live. There's a small handful of songs where instead of Will (or Jonny/Guy) singing in addition, there's some pre-recorded Chris. Lost is an example of this if you listen to the 2nd verse... ...and another funny minute detail - this is one of very few Lost performances where Chris sits the whole time to play the organ / piano parts (minus a handful of acoustic performances) where in most performances he's standing and dancing.
  12. This is so true, and if you listen to this live version of Army of One you'll probably hear all the electric guitar lines you never know were there, including in the album version!! Another fun thing about their handful of Army of One performances - Guy plays a sample pad (like Will), and I think he's using it to trigger the bass noise but possibly also some of the synths. Will is playing drums and some of Chris's vocal samples. You can see Will adding some extra vocal layers at the quiet bit of the bridge at 2:50.
  13. Cool observation! I imagine this has to do with the fact that a lot of performances for Everyday Life had the live string section - so maybe they decided to do the live strings AND live acoustic guitar through the end? Here's my tiny contribution (but I love the idea of this thread and have many things to add)... In this new performance of Trouble in Town, you can see that Jonny is playing slide guitar in the bridge just before his big solo, essentially doubling the string line with a much darker/haunting quality (he does NOT do this in 2019 performances). This is similar to what he
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