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  1. *pulls out hair* my autographed CD shipped yesterday but UPS says it won’t arrive until Monday. MONDAY
  2. Or they could be reproducing 4 variations of their signatures or something. Also one could rub the ink and see if it smears?! Also is there a proshot of this Berlin performance everyone is alluding to?
  3. Can someone explain the plot of the video? There was a LOT going on.
  4. Chinese Sleep Chant heads in that direction a little though I guess shorgaze is its own genre too. it also occurred to me Bani Adam is quasi instrumental. If you heard their Apollo performance a couple weeks ago there’s a cool instrumental with Coleman Barks reading poetry - similar vibe with atmospheric guitar!
  5. It could be cool to have a serious instrumental which isn’t common for Coldplay! Something like Explosions in the Sky or Sigur Ros. Only other ones might be LIT, Sunrise, MX, colour Spectrum, and O.
  6. Where? 😮 I am anti leak just because it doesn’t seem to be what the band intends for how we enjoy the music. I listened to Overtura (many times), the released songs, and Human Heart since the band seems to want that for us. Am also curious when preorders arrive. I ordered the autographed CD but normally I always buy through a local record store so I’m not used to this!
  7. Is this autographed copy from Warner legit? Because I already pre-ordered it LOL. Coldplay sent a text about it. https://store.warnermusic.com/music-of-the-spheres-autographed-cd.html
  8. Oddly I feel the same. AROBTTH is somehow a bit flat and claustrophobic? I think it's particularly evident on listening to the live version of Amsterdam vs album. On the album there's like 2-3 guitar tracks at the end that add some texture but honestly don't make the song better. Several of the non-singles aren't amazing in this way - esp A Whisper, AROBTTH. GPASUYF feels like it should have a bigger crescendo at the end but it doesn't. I will say the Scientist is pretty perfectly mixed/mastered in my opinion. Also re X&Y, I totally feel Guy. The worst offender is the Hardest Part, w
  9. Yes, I'm using the word "mistake" loosely. It's more that there's 2 guitar tracks on top of each other, and you'd normally expect them to be the same so the fact that they're not implies either a mistake or something intentional. My GUESS is that Jonny meant to make them identical, made a mistake on 1, but he or the band chose to keep both. But I agree - dissonant and organic in a cool way. The live version loses that dissonance but obv still sounds good.
  10. I agree on a lot of these points and think your framing is a good direction to talk about these things! -I'll add that UATW is one of their best songs ever but the production is so-so, with the notable flaw that Will's voice is mixed quite low. I actually have less of a problem with UFO. I'd also add that HLH and Charlie Brown are a bit weird from a production perspective, for me the most noticeable thing being that on HLH, Jonny's 1st guitar solo gets all muddy and almost sounds incorrect when he does the big descent (as compared to the live version). -I actually disagree about GS
  11. Strong agree! One thing I was just reflecting on is that I was about to declare an opinion that Up&Up is a better song in some ways, particularly because Jonny's guitar solos (esp the first one) are so unrestricted / it really goes somewhere and isn't repetitive. But you can make the same argument that Chris has virtuostic levels of piano playing on Coloratura. It's nice to see each member just go REALLY crazy. So that's just a nice thing. By the way one other random observation - in both live performances of Coloratura, Jonny on the second line of his solo plays the note that w
  12. I'm hearing standard tuning but with a capo on the 1st fret. It's likely standard because on the Bbm minor chords you can hear the Bb note in the top of the chord which usually wouldn't be there if he were using a "Chris" tuning. That said, if you wanted to try to do the song with a Chris tuning, you might try something like: Eb - Ab - Db - Gb - Bb - D I think Charlie Brown is in this tuning or similar.
  13. I came here to do the same!!!!!!!! Putting aside Howard Stern's extreme level of smugness, some fun observations here: -Jonny adds a ton of texture at the beginning and other instrumental interludes. Also he has a huge smile with Chris when they both realize they haven't made any mistakes. 😄 -Guy's and Will's vocals bassline are SO TIGHT. -Jonny plays ebow and slide the replicate that oboe part in the middle of the song and it sounds amazing. Also his guitar solo hits so hard (though I think he was slightly out of tune, which is easy to do when using a slide) -There's a cou
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