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  1. Cool observation! I imagine this has to do with the fact that a lot of performances for Everyday Life had the live string section - so maybe they decided to do the live strings AND live acoustic guitar through the end? Here's my tiny contribution (but I love the idea of this thread and have many things to add)... In this new performance of Trouble in Town, you can see that Jonny is playing slide guitar in the bridge just before his big solo, essentially doubling the string line with a much darker/haunting quality (he does NOT do this in 2019 performances). This is similar to what he does in live performances of Oceans where Jonny plays the string line with an ebow and slide.
  2. Cool video! Reminds me a lot of this: Still not the biggest fan of the song due to the pitched voice thing and lack of guitar (guitar in the live version is very pleasant though).
  3. Silly question but does anyone recall where the big Coldplay mural and room where you can listen to the album is? I vaguely thought it was shoreditch but now canโ€™t find info online.
  4. Just wondering if there are any more performances coming up in the next few weeks? I'd love to hear Christmas Lights. :(
  5. Just saying that I was totally right on the second point since if you look in the music video, you see some little kids holding on to one of those spinny playground things during that line in the song (god what are those called)
  6. There are 9 planets if you count Pluto, planets are spheres, and we are waiting for LP9. Maybe we will get the space rock follow up to X&Y we've been waiting for for years.
  7. I love your profile picture!!!!!! (green is my favourite colour)

  8. Great video! I'll come back with more detailed thoughts, but I'll say for now that this was beautiful. I'm wondering if anyone had a kneejerk reaction that this was poverty porn or something of that sort? (think HFTW video) I had a little bit of this, but also highly appreciate the intent of the video.
  9. Thanks so much for sharing! Looked like a good crowd! Because I'm the backing track stickler, I'm going to point out that the vocals on Orphans are live, but the instruments on Orphans are not. Or at least Jonny's guitar isn't live. :(
  10. SOON. [MEDIA=twitter]1203944258442612736[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/1203944258442612736
  11. Are you a spambot? You have to tell us if you're a spambot! ;P
  12. The guitar he uses to play Magic is also a Nash strat-style guitar!
  13. GPASUYF is a good guess^^^. My other best guesses for musically similar moments: Prospekt's March right at 1:20 Careful Where You Stand from 1:30 onwards in the chorus Speed of Sound in its bridge starting 3:30 The guitar tone is also a bit like the chorus of All Your Friends or the bridge of True Love (but the chord changes are a bit different).
  14. Wow, when Coldplay shows are far and few between right now, this video was just what I needed to avoid re-watching the Jordan performance yet again. THANK YOU!!!! ^Based on the above video, it sounds like Chris is singing 1 octave below the studio vocals. Unless Will is singing (couldn't confirm due to camera angle), then there are playback vocals there. :(
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