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bkaro live from canada


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My name is bkaro, 17 years old. I'm a Coldplay fan (not the biggest, but i love it :) )

I'm from Canada (Québec) and my first language is French so sometimes, i can make mistakes in english because, yeah, i'm good in english but everybody makes mistakes :)


I love drawing, reading, tumbling, rplaying, i'm a potterhead and i love disneys. I am old school (i love new videogames but i only have a (old) Gameboy, Nes, a SNes and a N64 :3 )

I love coldplay (of course lol) and my favorite songs are Clocks, Speed of sound, Viva la vida and Life in technicolor (I and II)


What else can I say?

You can ask me something if you want :)

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Aww thx :)


And yes, Speed of sound and Clocks were the two first CP songs i ever heard too!

I knew those two songs before knowing the band (and their other awesome songs)


'pleasure to meet you too, coldplayfan_115 :)


(Harry Potter and Coldplay for the win :) )

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