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  1. I agree that the guys should visit Latin America. It has been awhile. As well as some of the places they've never been, if possible, to give those who've never seen them live the defining moment of doing so. :) And if we're lucky enough, we'd love to have them in Minneapolis/St.Paul again. Last time was wonderful. :)
  2. Every minute that I've been awake since the stream went up. But I'm saving the bonus tracks for Monday :nice:
  3. ^Funny you say that... I saw BBC on Tuesday and I'm seeing The 1975 tonight! :nice: I hope you see BBC too- They're great :D
  4. Just got my internet back so I thought I'd give it a shot!
  5. I have a bit of a thing for the songs on X&Y that haven't been played outside the Twisted Logic tour or not at all- Square One, White Shadows, Low.
  6. I just have to survive the next two weeks and I'm done with my first semester of college woot! I really hope graduate programs will be just as impressed by double majoring in three years rather than the honors program. It's going to keep me up at night.
  7. I always get sad when I don't come around here anymore. But I listened to Coldplay all day yesterday and then I had to have a look around the forum :)
  8. Every time I leave Coldplaying alone for awhile, my time away increases... :/
  9. I feel really lonely. I know it's only been the first week, but it seems like I'm the only one not making friends. :confused:
  10. So beautiful. :dazzled: I almost cried at the end. :P
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