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Alternative Viva La Vida album Name?


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Hey all


I was putting together another version of the Viva La Vida tracklist (including a couple songs from Prospekt's March and "School").

I'm wanting to put the artwork from that "Viva La Vida Sketchbook" discovered a while ago (who uploaded it escapes my mind but thanks to him/her!).

There are so many of the songs which have amazing artwork, so what I'll do is, I'll post the tracklist, and the possible names and whatever sounds best I'd love to be recommended!


1. Life In Technicolor

2. Cemeteries Of London

3. Glass Of Water

4. 42

5. Violet Hill

6. Yes

7. Reign Of Love

8. Lovers In Japan (the acoustic version)

9. Viva La Vida

10. Lost!

11. Strawberry Swing

12. Rainy Day / School

13. Life In Technicolor ii

14. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

15. The Escapist


Here are the possible names...

Viva La Vida

Lovers In Japan



Famous Old Painters (regardless of the fact it's not even in the tracklist, there's still a painting of it!).

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