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Chancge Here Your Tracklists.


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1. Don't Panic

2. Shiver

3. Spies

4. See You Soon

5. Yellow

6. Trouble

7. Parachutes

8. We Never Change

9. Help Is Round The Corner

10. Everything's Not Lost + Life Is For Living


A Rush Of Blood To The Head

1. Politik

2. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

3. Green Eyes

4. The Scientist

5. In My Place

6. Clocks

7. One I Love

8. Daylight

9. Murder

10. A Rush Of Blood To The Head

11. Amsterdam



1. Square One

2. What If

3. White Shadows

4. Low

5. Speed Of Sound

6. Swallowed In The Sea

7. Fix You

8. Talk

9. A Message

10. The Hardest Part

11. X&Y

12. Twisted Logic

13. Till Kingdome Come


Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

1. Life In Technicolor

2. Cemeteries Of London

3. Lost?

4. Lovers In Japan/42

5. Chinese Sleep Chant

6. Yes/Reign Of Love

7. Viva La Vida

8. Violet Hill/School

9. Strawberry Swing

10. Death And All His Friends [without the soft part] /The Escapist


Prospekt's March EP

1. Life In Technicolor ii

2. Postcards From Far Away

3. Glass Of Water

4. Lost!

5. The Goldrush

6. Prospekt's March

7. Lovers In Japan [acoustic]

8. Death Will Never Conquer

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Here's my epic one for Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends...


1. Life In Technicolor

2. Cemeteries Of London

3. Glass Of Water

4. 42

5. Violet Hill

6. Yes

7. Reign Of Love

8. Lovers In Japan (the acoustic one)

9. Viva La Vida

10. Lost!

11. Strawberry Swing

12. School (Death and all his friends intro + Rainy Day without verse 1 and chorus 1, something I put together a while back, sounds brilliant!)

13. Life In Technicolor ii

14. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

15. The Escapist


It might seem to run on for a bit, but I really recommend trying it out in a playlist. I also use that shorter version of Glass Of Water created by Zemmy101 yonks and yonks ago, it lacks the little build up bit with the piano roll, so from the last chorus shoots straight into a coda, sounds kick ass.

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