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Ben Jones leaves Absolute Radio... with a special parting gift!


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You will remember Ben Jones from Absolute, he did the Rock Offs and the Live Stories competitions Coldplaying were entered in, and of course the Coldplay interviews and the 2009 live session with Chris Martin. He left Absolute last Friday. He's now doing stuff for BBC 5Live.


Look what Absolute Radio gave him as a leaving present! :D


Drop him a good luck message and we'll tweet this thread to him!




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I listened to his last show at Absolute (or Virgin Radio as it used to be called) and he went all emotional with Fix You. It's not really my favourite song but his reaction made me smile, such a fanboy :P


He better be interviewing them again for the new album :awesome:

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That's an awesome leaving gift :D



Thanks for everything :) and for introducing me to a decent radio station I can listen to in an evening. It was nice meeting you at the Zoo Sessions, albeit brief!


Hope you achieve all you wish to and more at 5Live. :kiss:

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