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  1. Watching the Red Nose mini-concert today I couldn't help thinking that something big is coming our way. The boys are rehearsing a lot - first at the London Palladium, now at the Alexandra Palace... That also leads me to think that the album is most likely done (if it were not, they would mostly be at studios and have the majority of their gear there)... I also noticed that for today, beside Phil's filming the mini-concert, the setup was to film professionally something else... Let's wait and see...
  2. I am a total ignorant on music production but it seems to me that they thought that allowing Jonny's guitar to be heard was going to decrease impact of Guy's base. So they decided to give priority to the base.
  3. Someone who sings in the song is also enjoying its recent release! 👀
  4. I was also expecting a bigger explosion by the end but I still like the song very much!
  5. The bridge literally kills me...it's so good!
  6. 10 minutes! I just want to reiterate that it is great to share the start of a new era here at Coldplaying! I feel grateful that many many years ago I became a fan of this band that has given us so much and will continue to do so!
  7. 30 minutes folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to be here once again to share it with this community! We are so lucky that the boys keep on giving!
  8. I want to listen to Higher Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't focus on work!
  9. I don't want to give a final opinion until I hear the whole song BUT... It seems the boys have done it again! I am so happy to be alive and enjoy their new music once again
  10. Here's the real snippet! I liked it very much. Sounds awesome. https://twitter.com/ColdplayPolandd/status/1388205952378314752?s=20
  11. I don't think so but this detail in coldplay.com could give further credit to the thesis that the album will be titled Higher Power https://ibb.co/dMpMdJz
  12. We could be hours away from a music snippet! I am so happy and excited. I feel so lucky that I can enjoy another era with the band. And of course, another era to share and enjoy here at Coldplaying!
  13. They have met several times over the past year to record at different studios. Chris certainly lives very far away but as they have explained, the difference is that they know meet for short periods of time and work more intensely.
  14. I don't know why but the lyrics so far remind me of Sleeping Sun.
  15. Recap from Spotify's videos: Sometimes I just can't take it I'm like a broken record You're sparkling light
  16. I wish that the album's name is not Alien Radio... Then I remember my reaction when I learned LP5 was going to be called Mylo Xyloto. That was really weird! 🤣 I prefer Music of the Spheres. In any case, what I am looking forward to is the music!!!
  17. I am a bit skeptical that this era will be closely related to a previous one. Obviously previous music is an influence and many ideas from other eras could have been finally developed for this one. But based in my experience with the band, I do think they are and will make an effort to present something unique. The greatest asset is their capacity to reinvent themselves.
  18. A new day! New hints and bits and we are closer to May 7!
  19. I also saw that and thought there may be a connection! Moreover, scrolling through the news I also saw that the Pentagon is investigating a new wave of UFOs
  20. I did not know that. If anyone has a link and could please share via PM, I would highly appreciate it. Ever since the AHFOD documentary I have wanted to listen to it. Thank you in advance!
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