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Gary Barlow: Coldplay inspired my return to Take That


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Gary Barlow has revealed that Chris Martin's band Coldplay inspired his return to the stage with Take That.


The singer-songwriter said he was perfectly happy working behind the scenes until he listened to Coldplay's hit debut Parachutes.


He told The Sun: 'I spent years telling everyone around that I didn't want to be an artist again. I didn't sing for six or seven years.


'I seldom sang on demos and if I could get someone else to sing them I would, right until I heard the first Coldplay album... I thought for the first time, "I could see myself doing that again".'


Barlow recently completed Take That's record-breaking Progress tour with Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen.


Williams who rejoined the band to hit the road said recently his ego stopped him from returning to Take That full-time.


He said: 'The gigs have been absolutely amazing - the best period of my career so far with those boys.


'Sharing it with somebody is much better than doing it by yourself, but then ego, want, need and a whole heap of other things kick in.


'And you start preparing for your own tour... and the other boys are going away for a bit and I don't really know what's on the cards with them.


'But we have to ride again, we have to - it's too much fun.'



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oh I do love Gary Barlow!!!!! And thankyou Chris for inspiring him!! I am going to start watching X factor this year only because Garys a judge on it and you never know the other lads from take that may appear, oh bliss!!! Coldplay and take that are my 2 favourite bands, love them to bits.

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