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Photomontage/photoshopping question.


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Hi guys!


If you're a bad drawer, can you make nice/good photomontages? Cause I am not a good drawer, but I'm interested in photomontage/photoshopping, and wondering when you're not good at drawing (like I am) you can make a good photomontage.. So, should I follow a photomontage course when you're a bad drawer, or should I not try it; it's not worth all the time

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Well first off what's a photomontage? I make "montages" (pictures and videos set to music,) so is it the same thing or is that thing where you blend 2 pictures together cause Im only semi good withthat.


2ndly never give up on something because you're not good with one trait. I mean yes I can draw, BUT I can't draw people ;) and when I make my montages I don't need to be good at drawing, what you REALLY need is a good creative mind and you have to clever.


I say GO FOR IT! And if you need help I'm more then willing to help :D

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