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*NEW* Sketch Comedy Group "Tied for First!"


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Hello all!


I hope I'm not going against any ToS here, but I want to plug the sketch comedy group I'm in called "Tied for First." We BARELY started and I wanted to get some feedback and I figured why not try the Coldplay community!?


Our goal and vision is to create original (or as original as original can get nowadays) comedy sketches and make people laugh.


We are looking to release at least one new sketch per week (Tues/Wed) and we hail from Chicago, IL.


Here is our latest sketch that asks the question "what if Facebook upgraded to Real Life Notifications?" Well it might be something like this...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym2djIVMc_0]FaceBook IRL - YouTube[/ame]


Feedback is much appreciated and PLS Subscribe to us on Youtube if you sincerely enjoy it. I am very open to constructive criticism! I am in this sketch and I am the VERY first person shown. :)


NOTE: There is swearing involved and minor adult content.


Thanks and hope you enjoy.


and can't wait until October 24th!!!



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