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Coldplay at Music Midtown.


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I, finally, got the huge pleasure of watch Coldplay live last weekend at the music midtown, in Atlanta. I was lucky enough (got there super early, and ran all the way in) to be in the first row, being able to see at Guy directly, and Chris at my left side. It was AMAZING.

I have photos i would love to share with everyone, and a video of Chris singing while staring at my camera! (yes, i was that lucky! :)) (I got way excited after it, so the video isn't that long, and it was during Viva La Vida. Also, enjoying yourself and recording isn't that easy to accomplish!)

The concert was amazing, I got to watch all the bands playing before them, so I was pretty exhausted when it was Coldplay's turn to play. As soon as they started playing 99 problems, by Jay-Z, I completely forgot of how tired I was, as the excitement because the moment I had been waiting for over 5 years had finally arrived. It even took me to watch the videos of MX+Hurts Like Heaven to realize they had fireworks when they started playing, that's how mesmerized I was by them.

I never saw the setlist they had, so I didn't really know what songs to expect, so when they played Life is for Living, Politik, and Violet Hill, my heart filled with joy.

The tribute to R.E.M. was so special. You could totally see how they meant every word about the band, and the fact that the song didn't look overly rehearsed made it even better.

Chris' energy was so contagious, and Guy's smiles so perfect. You couldn't even notice they had been singing everyday for over a week, and that they were probably exhausted. Definitively, Coldplay Live has been the best experience in my life, and I can't wait till I get the chance to witness such greatness again.


A Coldplay Lover.

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