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Apple's Biggest Music Synchs: Infographic


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Steve Jobs had an ear for music, both indie and mainstream, and often cherrypicked the songs featured in some of Apple's best-known spots of the last decade. From Feist's "1234" video in a 2007 iPod nano commercial to the Ting Tings' "Shut Up and Let me Go" in a 2008 iTunes spot, the ads brought tremendous awareness and sales boosts to emerging and under-the-radar artists. Even superstars like U2 and Coldplay benefited from the colorful ads. Check out some of the biggest sales spikes in our infographic below.


"When you look at some of the other artists who've had really big synchs in Apple ads, the difference with Feist is that it [the ad] made her whole body of work -- a prolific body of work -- visible to many people," the Canadian singer-songwriter's manager Robbie Lackritz tells Billboard. "For some people, they saw one song and one commercial, and maybe became quite annoyed with it. For Feist, it elevated her 10+ years of music-making."





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thanks for sharing :) The first apple commercial i can remember seeing is the one with the silhouettes and the song "Jerk It Out" playing. Apple's marketing strategy is pretty amazing in my opinion and it's big reason why they are where they are today

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