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  1. hey, I got into the show! I was searching through all the tweets on twitter tagged as 'coldplay' and I saw a tweet that said this guy had a spare ticket to the show. We communicated back and forth and I met him at a train station and then walked together to the venue. This was all about 1 hour before the doors opened so I was incredibly lucky! It is was truly amazing and a night i'll never forget but here are just a few comments. 1. After the broadcast ended, they played two kylie Minogue songs and then Fix You. I've been to quite a few concerts and it was quite obvious that people wanted m
  2. This sucks, tried both the presale and general sale and didn't get them.
  3. I'm really in love with the recording style and the harmonising of Ezra and Rostam's voices. It's just something about their sound as band that sounds really refreshing. Worship You (I really want to hear this live) and Don't Lie are the stand outs for me :)
  4. It's really nice to read everyones thoughts and it's got me thinking about mine. The first post couldn't have explained it better and i partly agree with it. 16 months on, and i've found myself discarding most MX songs when casually flicking through Coldplay's discography. When MX came out, it was fresh and new and exciting but for me personally, it has worn off quite fast unlike songs from the Viva and A Rush of Blood era. Looking at the album now, I think it's a worthy addition to their discography. Sure, it's not one of their most solid all-round albums but it's still really good. I d
  5. Last tuesday after the Huawei live stream, Will and Guy did an interview on 2dayfm (in Australia) and at the very end, the interviewer said "I cannot wait to hear the songs you're writing next year".
  6. ugh, from an australian's point of view, i didn't really expect anything else from these two people. They're widely known to be obsessively obnoxious and I can assure you the majority of Australian's don't listen to their morning show. They're only still on air because they're controversial and pretty mean (They once asked teenage girl about being raped while taking a lie detector test, They called a journalist fat and other names etc.) If you want to hear a good radio show, listen to Hamish and Andy.
  7. ^wow, that's early...about 10 and a half hours before the gates open. Good thing i'm leaving in about an hour!
  8. Thanks for the amazing pictures tash :) I'll be getting there at 9am to line up. I'll be posting all my text and photo updates to my Coldplay tumblr blog. http://www.cmgbjbwc.tumblr.com/
  9. Seems like November 14 for Australia :) http://villagecinemas.com.au/Movies/Coldplay-Live-2012.htm
  10. For such an up beat and exciting song that has the potential to have kind of a really electric music video, it's kind of a let down. For me, it's way too static and flat.
  11. hi :) Could you please take me off the list for my 'Have tickets to sell' and 'want tickets' requests thanks!
  12. Pre-ordered it about an hour after the announcement :) Really can't wait and from the 16th to the 18th of november will be the best 3 days ever! 16th: Coldplay DVD (I live in Australia) 17th: Coldplay concert 1 18th: Coldplay concert 2 :dance:
  13. Personally, i don't think they are on purpose in the sense that they would literally screw up a song at a certain time that either Chris or the guys have staged/talked about because that's ridiculous. I think they have these screw ups because they generally always happen in every show however they've now (especially Chris) become more open about them and feel like they can admit them to the audience because they've realised that they're quite entertaining. So no, it's not on purpose. They're just admitting their mistakes a lot more often now.
  14. Thank you so much for your opinions. I'm going to go to the second show now. Like you've all said, I'd most likely regret it if i didn't :) thanks!
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