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I have a question about the Speed Of Sound 10" clear vinyl, picked it up upon release way back when, and at a record fair recently tried to use it for trade with some other stuff, the owner of the stall said he wouldn't value it at all - "can't sell Coldplay mate, no money in their stuff at all" was pretty much his responce, now I'm not one for eBay or buying stuff for the sole purpose of selling on in the future.............., I think the single cost me me £2 or £3 in HMV, i would have been sure it'd be worth at least a tenner now ??


any ideas why the stall holder frowned upon this most excellent release ??

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It's not very rare. I think he's wrong about the fact that there's no moeny in their releases at all, but I can understand he doesn't want this release. I still see a lot of them unsold on the shelves in record stores. On eBay they often get sold for 1£

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Pity, such a great track, in the end i'm probably glad he didn't take it !!! - his eyes did pop out of his head when i took U2's double 12" elevation mixes out've my bag for trading - he didn't have much of a poker face :lol: - i got two Jam albums for it and it only cost me a fiver :lol:

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