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My personal thoughts about Paradise.


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Paradise is my favourite song off of the MX album. The reason why I like it so much is because I can relate to it word-for-word. I have family issues and my parents treat me like Cinderella: I do all the chores and hurt my posture for them. I also get blamed for things I don't do; like in the song the world "flew away from (my) reach." I "run away in my sleep" on some levels: I try to close my eyes and dream of a paradise for just my lover and I, where all of our troubles would escape us. Hopefully, Coldplay will help me reach my paradise, and I will search the ends of the earth until I find it.

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^^ Thanks for sharing your story.

I think Paradise, and basically all of Mylo Xyloto, is about 'escaping' if you're in a bad situation. Either by fighting, like the Car Kids (or whoever), or just by finding something you can enjoy and escape in on your own, like music or dreams.

I'm also stuck in a personal situation, and just like you, Paradise feels like it's written for me. And even though I know the lyrics are a little lame, I still get goosebumps every single time I hear that song.


Good luck with your problems, I hope you can find a way to solve them. And yes, there's always Coldplay to comfort you. :hug:

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I love Paradise because I can relate to it..


I'm older now, but when I was a girl, I dreamed too much...

I sort of expected too much...I had a hold of something I thought

was the world, but I ended up having to run away from it because it

broke my heart...

but for years I dreamed of that paradise...

life went on and I could only look back...it was sad

then the person from my past broke my heart again many

years later...

I cried a waterfall....

then music started helping me to come back and now

I know what is the truth

and the song Paradise is my Paradise!

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