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  1. Stressful morning, but I've got standing J's. Will be my seventh time seeing this stupid band. Maybe I should find a more inexpensive hobby. Knitting or something. What are wool prices these days?
  2. I think no art is inappropriate if it's meant as a way to support people. Beautiful drawing. And great poem. French people, our thoughts go out to you and your country. (Céline, I'm glad to hear you and your friends/family are OK.) I hope no one gives up their faith in humanity, and everyone is able to find comfort in music in the future, in spite of what happened at the concert.
  3. Someone said Coldplay songs now have to grow on them, and I agree, it's been that way since MX for me. Coldplay has a special place in my heart and I still consider them my favorite band just because I'm invested, but their recent music hasn't grabbed me as much. That having been said, unexpectedly, I like this song. I don't know why exactly. It's pretty adventurous for Coldplay. I still think Chris has to improve his lyric writing. When I watch him in interviews I am amazed by his intelligence and personality. He's clearly a deep thinker. I appreciate he only sings what he means, but
  4. What's the most important thing you've learned (personally or professionally) from each of the other band members?
  5. Good luck fitting all the Dutch (and Belgian) people in one tiny place.
  6. The Netherlands Politik or Violet Hill And Fix You for my mother (she has an account here but never posts).
  7. Oh, that's too bad. You're not to blame, Gerben. Don't hate yourself. Enthusiasm should be rewarded, like Sparky said. And can I just say, you were on 3FM (which is like BBC Radio over here). So, at least you're famous now. So, a fake e-mail, how the hell did that happen? Bad joke?
  8. Je klonk goed Gerben! Man, this would be so so awesome.
  9. Wow Giel, get out of my head. Cool! And you're on the radio tonight? Will be listening.
  10. Long shot, but worth it. I'm in. Maybe you could contact 3FM or something? If a DJ even just retweets your message, that might help spread the word.
  11. I wish Moving to Mars had been on MX. Could have gone places.
  12. I like the song but I actually wish he'd quit the uuuuu uuuu things. It's getting tiresome.
  13. :cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake:
  14. Congrats Thalia and good luck! :batman:
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