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I've been away

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On Thursday November 10, I took off up to Auckland for a week as there were things I wanted to do that I didn't get to do when I was up there for a weekend just over 2 years ago.


Gee I had such a busy time during that week as I was out and about every day.



After checking in at the hotel, I wandered down to the ferry building tp fetch my tickets, then went to the Explore NZ kiosk to confirm the booking for a trip I was going on.



Went by ferry over to Waiheke Island and went on the Waiheke Explorer tour. Then in the early evening I met up with a couple of friends at the hotel and spent a few hours with them.



Travelled by bus to the Sylvia Park shopping mall, had some time there, then caught the bus back to the city.



Went to Westfield Manukau and Rainbow's End.



Went on the Auckland Harbour cruise and over to Devonport, then went on the Devonport Explorer tour.



Met up with some other friends of mine.



I should have gone on the Whale and Dolphin Safari that day, but didn't do so. This is because the trip was postponed due to sea conditions and there were only 3 people booked on it for that day. So I went to Titirangi in West Auckland instead.



Went on the Whale and Dolphin Safari.



Went for a wander down Queen Street before setting off back to the airport.


Sadly I didn't get to meet up with Rick 8 after all because he wasn't able to get time off work to come into the city. However last night he had seen the Googled picture of the Titirangi sign that I had added into my photo album and he said he lives there. If I'd known this before going to Titirangi, we could have met up while I was there.


Gee I'm pleased I went up there when I did. What with the Rugby World Cup in September and October. Then next weekend, there will be major road closures in the central city and that's due to another sporting event which will soon be on.


Here's a few photos.


The cafe the Waiheke Island tour group had a short stop at.



This cafe is in Auckland's ferry building. When I noticed it, I thought of a friend of mine who has lived in Seattle for a year.






The pirate ship at Rainbow's End.



I took this photo from the window of the plane I boarded at Auckland airport yesterday.




Here's also the link to the album. While I was in Titirangi, I missed out on the chance to take a photo of the Titirangi sign, so I looked up an image of it on Google and added the image to the album.


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